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Patient Care RADT465

Patient Care

A radiographer who disclosure of confidential information is in some way detrimental to the patient (causing ridicule or loss of job) can be accused of defamation . pg. 8
spoken defamation is slander. pg. 8
who are authorized individuals to order Xray examinations? physician, PA, NP. pg. 6
these are described as either intentional or negligent/unintentional tort. pg. 8
what are some examples of intentional torts false imprisonment, assault, battery, defamation, invasion of privacy. pg. 8
This is the illegal restriction of an individuals freedom false imprisonment. pg. 8
using restraints on a patient that clearly does not need any is an example of false imprisonment. pg. 8
____ is to threaten harm assault. pg. 8
___ is the carrying out of the threat battery. pg. 8
a radiographer threatens a patient about having to repeat a hard exam if the patient does not try harder to cooperate is an example of assault. pg. 8
imaging the wrong patient or doing an exam without patient consent is an example of battery. pg. 8
A radiographer who discloses confidential information to unauthorized individuals can be found guilty of invasion of privacy. pg. 8
written defamation is libel. pg. 8
failure to use reasonably prudent care is negligence/malpractice. pg. 8
"the thing speaks for itself" res ipsa loquitur. pg. 9
"let the master answer" respondeat superior pg. 9
types of communication nonverbal, eye contact, facial expressions, touch, appearance pg. 17
The IV bag should be ________inches above the level of the ___ 18-24 inches, vein. pg31
normal oral temp for adult 98.6 pg. 37
normal rectal temp for adult 99.1-99.6 pg. 37
normal axillary temp for adult 97.6 - 98.1 pg. 37
normal body temp for children 97.9 - 100.4 (rectal) pg. 37
normal body temp for children aged 5-13 97.8 - 98.6 pg. 37
when a patient is experiencing dyspena, what position should they be placed in semi - fowler pg. 37
is the practice that retards the growth is pathogenic microorganisms antisepsis pg. 53
reduces the likelihood of transferring pathogenic microorganisms to a vulnerable individual medical asepsis pg. 53
the destruction of pathogens through the use of chemical materials is termed as disinfection pg 53
the use of hydrogen peroxide, chloride and iodine is an example of disinfection pg 53
refers to the removal of all microorganisms and their spores surgical asepsis pg. 53
what pressure room does an airbone pt need to be in? Negative pg 59
A contaminated inanimate object such as a food utensil, doorknob, or IV pole is referred to as fomite pg 56
is an insect or animal carrier of infectious organisms, such as rabid animal, a mosquito that carriers malaria, or a tick that carriers lyme disease vector pg 56
Factors in infetion transmission/ cycle of infection 1. an infectious organism/pathogen. 2. a reservoir 3. a portal of exit from reservoir 4. a means of transmission 5. a susceptible 6. a portal of entry into the susceptible new host.......... pg 54
what is the sequencing for contrast examinations: Contrast enema (BE), IVU, SBS, UGI IVU, contrast enema, UGI, SBS. pg. 71
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