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Ch.13 Fluid Pressure

fluid pressure

3 main state of matter solid liquid gas
Anything that flows and takes the shape of its container fluid
Fluids can be what 2 states of matter liquid or gas
The ratio of mass to volume in a substance density
Equation for density D = m/V
Si units for density g/cm3 or g/mL
Si units for mass g or kg
SI units for volume L or mL or cm3 or m3
The amount of matter in something mass
The space something takes up volume
Measured on a balance mass
Measured in a graduated cylinder volume
A push or pull on something Force
SI unit for force Newton
Force is measured with what? spring scale
What is pressure the force acting over a certain area
Equation for pressure P = F/A pressure = force/area
What is the SI unit for pressure N/m2 or Pa (pascal)
In a fluid, pressure _________ as depth increases increases
The pressure at any specific depth is __________. constant or the same
In any fluid what 2 things does pressure depend on depth and density
______ ____________ is the fluid pressure of the atmosphere stacked on top of us. air pressure or atmospheric pressure
As altitude increases (going up in the mountains or up in a plane), air pressure __________________. decreases
States that a change in pressure at any point in a fluid is transmitted equally throughout the fluid Pascal's Principle
What is a hydraulic system A device that uses pressurized fluid acting on connected pistons of two different sizes to change a force
How does a hydraulic system work as pressure is added to a small piston it is also increased in the larger piston. But there is a bigger area and thus a bigger force at the larger piston
State Bernoulli's principle. as the speed of a fluid increases, the pressure decreases or speed and pressure are inversely proportional in a fluid
As the speed of a fluid _____________, pressure increases decreases
What happens to windows and roofs in a tornado and why? The blow out or up because speed is greater and pressure is less outside
How does a wing produce lift just by its shape cutting through the air? Air on the top side goes faster and pressure on top decreases. More pressure under the wind creates a pressure difference that causes lift
Name the forces on an airplane lift, drag, weight, thrust
This is the movement of a planes nose up or down pitch
This is the movement of a planes nose side to side yaw
This is the movement of a plane where the wings go up or down as it rotates around the center axis of the plane roll
What control surface makes a plane pitch? elevators on the tail
What control surface makes a plane roll? ailerons on the wing
What control surface makes a plane yaw? rudder on the tail
This is the ability of a fluid to exert an upward force on an object placed in it buoyancy
Another name for floating positive buoyancy
Another name for sinking negative buoyancy
What is it called when something stays exactly submerged where you place it in a fluid neutral buoyancy or "flinking"
This is the upward force acting on an object in a fluid buoyant force
What produces buoyant force on an object The pressure is greater at the bottom of an object than the top (Remember the golf ball in water picture!)
Whether something floats or sinks depends on ___ and ___. Density and Buoyancy
State Archimedes' principle The upward force acting on an object in a fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object
How does a submarine dive it takes water into its ballast tanks making it heaver than the buoyant force from the weight of the water it displaces
Why does a piece of clay sink, but in a boat shape it floats? in the boat shape it displaces more than its weight in water