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MJHS 6 Unit 2 Energy

Unit 2: Energy Test Review 6th Grade Science MJHS

The ability to do work Energy
The form of energy associated with the reactions in the sun. Nucear
The form of energy associated with visible light, heat and radio waves. Electromagnetic
The form of energy associated with current of electrically charged particles. Electric
The form of energy associated with the energy stored in the chemical bonds in food. Chemical
Kinetic energy depends on mass and Velocity
Which factor in the kinetic energy equation has the MOST effect on the KE? Velocity
KE is measured in Joules
Work is the transfer of Energy
KE is the energy of Motion
Potential energy depends on weight and height
Gravitational potential energy depends on mass, height and Gravity
PE is measured in Joules
Velocity is measured in meters per second
Weight is measured in Newtons
The type of energy associated with particles in motion Thermal energy
Any form of energy can be converted into any Other form
A change from one form of energy to another is called a(n) Energy conversion
An energy conversion is the same as an energy Transformation
Tossing an orange up and down is an example of an energy conversion between KE and PE
Where is potential energy the greatest in a pendulum swing? At the top of the swing
Where is the kinetic energy the greatest when tossing a ball up and down? Just before it hits your hand or leaves your hand.
The law of conservation of energy says that you cannot create or ____________ energy. Destroy
A pendulum eventually stops, not because it LOSES energy, but because some of the energy is converted into heat by this process. Friction
The rate at which work is done or energy is transferred is called. Power
Consumer's Energy charges its customers by this unit. KWh (kilowatt hour)
The measure of the average kinetic energy of a substance's particles Temperature
Temperature scale used by the USA Fahrenheit
Temperature scale used by most of the world Celsius
Temperature scale used by physical scientists Kelvin
Temperature at which water boils on the Celsius scale 100 degrees
Absolute zero in celsius -273 degrees
Temperature at which water freezes on the Fahrenheit scale 32 degrees
The temperature at which no more energy can be removed from the particles of a substance is called absolute zero
The measure of the kinetic energy of a substance's particles Thermal Energy
The movement of thermal energy from an area of warm to cool Heat
Heat always moves in this direction Warm to cool
The transfer of heat through empty space is Radiation
The transfer of heat through gases or liquids in circular currents Convection
The transfer of heat through the contact of two substances Conduction
An object that allows heat to transfer through very easily Conductor
An object that does not allow heat to transfer through easily Insulator
Which has more thermal energy? A 500 ml container of boiling water or a 50 ml container of boiling water? 500 ml
Which type of heat transfer are you experiencing when you lay out in the sun? Radiation
Which type of heat transfer are you experiencing when you burn your hand on a hot spoon? Conduction
What kind of heat transfer are you experiencing when you heat up your home with a furnace? Convection
When enough thermal energy is added or removed, this may occur Change of state
This state of matter has particles that are packed together with the least amount of energy. Solid
This state of matter's particles move the fastest of any other state. Gas
This state of matter's particles can fill the shape of its container. Gas or liquid
When a solid changes to a liquid Melting
When gas changes to a liquid Condensation
When a liquid changes to a gas from the SURFACE of a liquid Evaporation
When vaporization occurs in a liquid Boiling
The melting point is the same as the Freezing point
The vaporization point is the same as the Condensation point
During a change of state, this is either increasing or decreasing. Thermal energy
During a change of state, this stays the same Temperature