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MJHS 7 Unit 1

7th grade science waves and energy review

All waves carry this. Energy
All waves are created by this. Vibrations
Waves do NOT carry this. Matter
This type of wave has crests and troughs. Transverse
This type of wave's motion is perpendicular to energy motion. Transverse
This type of waves has compressions and rarefactions. Longitudinal
This type of wave's motion is parallel to energy motion. Longitudinal
This is a measure of a wave's energy. Amplitude
This can be measured on a transverse wave from the rest position to the top of a crest. Amplitude
This property of waves is measured from crest to crest. Wavelength
This property of waves is measured from rarefaction to rarefaction. Wavelength
The number of waves that pass by in a given amount of time is this property of waves. Frequency
Frequency is measured in these units. Hertz
Hertz (Hz) is a unit of measurement of this. Frequency
Wave speed is equal to frequency multiplied by wavelength
Wave speed is measured in these units. meters per second (m/s)
Wavelength is measured in these units. Meters
You can shake a rope up and down and make this type of wave. Transverse
You can slide a slinky back and forth and make this type of wave. Longitudinal
If you drop a pebble in a puddle of water, you can observe this type of wave. Surface
A surface wave creates this type of motion. Circular
A powerful type of wave produced by the energy released during an earthquake is called this. Seismic wave
Primary, secondary and surface are all types of this wave. Seismic wave
By timing the arrival of different seismic waves, scientists can pinpoint the location of this. Earthquake
Sound waves are this type of wave Longitudinal
Sound waves require a medium and classify as this type of wave. Mechanical
Amplitude is to loudness as frequency is to: Pitch
Both amplitude and frequency are a measure of a wave's: Energy
Very loud or very high pitched sounds can damage your: Hearing
The speed of sound in air is about ___m/s 340
Sound travels fastest in this state of matter. Solid
Does something that is very elastic transfer sound faster or slower? Faster
The thin membrane in your ear that is the first to vibrate from sound waves entering is the: Eardrum
The three tiny bones in the ear are called the: Hammer, anvil and stirrup
Can sound travel in outer space? No
Can humans hear sounds greater thatn 20,000 Hz? No
Instruments produce music when parts of the instrument do this: Vibrate
Light waves are also called this type of wave. Electromagnetic
Electromagnetic waves travel as this type of wave. Transverse
Light waves have which two parts? Electric and magnetic
All electromagnetic waves are organized into this diagram. Spectrum
Which waves have the biggest wavelength-radio or gamma waves? Radio
All EM waves travel at this speed: _____ m/s 300 million
All EM waves are unique because they have different wavelengths and Frequencies
The only part of the spectrum that humans can see is this. Visible light
Humans can be harmed by EM waves with a very high: Frequency
This type of wave can be felt as heat. Infrared
EM waves travel as a 2 part ________ wave. Transverse
Can light travel through outer space? Yes
EM waves are caused by vibrations in these: Charged particles