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DHS PS Ch. 9

DHS PS Ch. 9 - Waves (2015)

What type of waves does matter in the medium move back and forth at right angles to the direction the wave travels? transverse
A material (solid, liquid, or gas) through which a wave transfers energy is called a? medium
An example of a wave through the ground is called a _____? seismic wave
Sound would not travel through this type of medium? vacuum
What type of waves are sound waves? longitudinal
A repeating disturbance that transfers energy through matter or open space is a ______? wave
All waves carry _______ . energy
In what type of waves does matter in the medium move back and forth and in the same direction the wave travels? longitudinal
What type of wave can travel through outer space? light
An example of a combination of longitudinal and transverse waves that cause things to bob in a circular motion are called ______ ? water waves
What is a measure of the energy in a wave? amplitude
What are the highest points of a transverse wave called? crests
_________ is how many wavelengths pass a fixed point each second? frequency
The lowest points of a transverse wave are called? troughs
What is the less dense region of a compressional wave called? rarefaction
Transverse waves do not have? rarefactions
As a frequency increases, wavelength _____? decreases
A repeating disturbance or movement that transfers energy throughmatter or space is called a? wave
Molecules pass energy on to? neighboring molecules
All waves are produced by something that? vibrates
What type of waves can travel only through matter? mechanical waves
What is an example of a transverse wave? a wave on a rope
What type of waves does the matter in the medium move in the same direction that the wave travels? longitudinal waves
An example of a longitudinal wave is? sound waves
The highest point in a wave is called? crests
The lowest points in a wave is called? troughs
The distance between one point in the wave and the nearest point just like it is called? wavelength
How many wavelengths pass a fixed point each second is called? frequency
Frequency is expressed in? hertz (Hz)
As frequency increases, the wavelength? decreases
The frequency of a wave equals the rate of? vibration of the souce that creates it
How fast a wave moves forward is called? wave velocity
Light waves travel _____ than sound waves. faster
Sound waves travel faster in ________ than in a gas. liquids and solids
Light waves travel faster in _____ and empty space than in liquids and solids. gases
The more energy a wave carries, its amplitude will be? greater
Amplitude of compressional waves is related to how? tightly the medium is pushed together at the compression
The denser the compressions, the ______ the amplitude is and the more energy the wave carries larger
The less dense the rarefactions, the ______ the amplitude and the more energy the wave carries. larger
In a thunderstorm, why do you see the lightning before you hear the thunder? Light waves travel much faster than sound waves
When does reflection happen? when a wave strikes an object and bounces off of it
What types of waves can be reflected? all waves
The angle of incidence of a wave is always equal to the angle of? reflection
An imaginary line perpendicular to reflective surface is called? normal
The angle formed by the wave striking the surface and the normal is called? angle of incidence
The angle formed by the reflected wave and the normal is called? angle of reflection
The bending of a wave caused by a change in its speed as it moves from one medium to another is called a? refraction
The greater the change in speed is, the _____ a wave bends. more
When a wave passes into a material that slows it down, the wave is bent _________. toward the normal
When a wave passes into a material that speeds it up, the wave is bent __________. away from the normal
An object that causes a wave to change direction and bend around it is called a? diffraction
If the obstacle is smaller than the wavelength, the wave diffracts? around it
If the obstacle is larger than the wavelength, the wave _______. reflects instead of diffracting
The larger the obstacle is compared to the wavelength, the _______ waves will diffract. less
The ability of two or more waves to combine and form a new wave is called? interference
Waves pass right through each other and continue in? their original direction
New, or composite, waves exist only while the two original waves continue to? overlap
This is when waves add together? constructive interference
This is when waves subtract from each other? destructive interference
What type of wave is a wave pattern that stays in one place? standing waves
What type of waves from when waves of equal wavelength and amplitude that are traveling in opposite directions continuously interfere with each other? standing waves
The places where two waves always cancel each other is called? nodes
What is the ability of an object to vibrate by absorbing energy at its natural frequency? resonance
If you stand next to a swimming pool and see an object under water, it will seem to be? closer to the surface than it really is
The ability of an object to vibrate by absorbing energy at its natural frequency is called? resonance
How does temperature of a medium affect the speed of sound waves? as the temperature of a substance increases, sound waves in it move faster
When you squeeze together the coils of a spring and then release the, you a creating what type of wave? longitudinal
A tuning fork starts to vibrate when a certian note is played on the piano. This is an example of? resonance
Frequency is best explained as? the number of wavelengths that pass a point per second
Resonance refers to an effect in which the ? vibration of one object causes another object to vibrate at natural frequencies
A wave will travel only as long as it has what to carry it? energy
For a given wave, if the frequency doubles, the wavelength? is halved
The energy a wave carries is measured by it's? amplitude
You are creating a wave on a spring. If you start shaking the spring more slowly, the wavelength of the resulting wave will? increase
The unit used to measure frequency is called? hertz