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Secondary activities

Chapter;24 Secondary Activities

Strong Agricultural Sector. Intensive and productive agricultural sector, supply fruit, vegetables grains, large food-processing industry, chemical and petrochemical industries, constant demand, largest consumers of milk and cheese in the world, goods easily transported.
Available of Labour and Education Opportunities. 27.5% employed in manufacturing, 22 million people in region, large labour force, 17 universities attract industry, high tech industries, high-quality research and development, new innovations in pharmaceuticals, focus of decision making.
Well-developed Communications. Efficient road, rail, port and airport networks, river Seine - development of heavy industry, deep-water port at Le Havre, access to English Channel, modern docking facilities.
Large market. 22 million people, constant demand for local produce, standards of living are high, wealthy market, high-end goods, locally produced goods, Chanel, Cartier, located around the city, fashion designers, Cosmetic Valley-L'Oreal, Guerlain.
Raw Materials Rich in natural resources, former French colonies, agriculture produce,iron ore-steel and engineering companies, Cameroon supplies timber- limited deposits of fossil fuels, natural gas piped from Pyrenees to region,oil from The Netherlands to Le Havre, textile and petrochemical industries.
Decentralisation of Industry. Decentralisation in Paris, industries move away from greater Paris area, DATAR, developing infrastructure, encourage industries to relocate, reducing rate of urban sprawl, industrial decline, relocate to peripheral areas.
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