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Regional Geography

Explain how one physical factor has influenced the development of agriculture in Paris Basin. Relief. The gently sloping lowlands of Paris Basin ideal for cultivation, elevation rarely goes above 200 metres above sea level. Gentle slopes easily accessed by machines. Agriculture is then quick & intensive.
Explain how one human factor has influenced the development of population in Paris Basin. The Paris birth is in stage 4 of Demographic transition model, due to migration. Without migration, region would be in senile stage.
Population plays a large role in a region's economic development. List 4 government-led incentives to increase birth rates. >170 week maternity and parental leave. >High children's allowance >Subsided creche and preschool places.>working mom time off to have 3rd child& receive 750 per month.
Explain the issues caused by migration in the Paris Basin. 3 main factors affecting migration in the Paris Basin are; colonisation, Rural- urban migration and EU enlargement. Migrant communities established in Paris suburbs. High poverty levels & unemployment.
Name the region you have studied. The Paris Basin
What has lead to Urban Development and explain 2 factors. Paris is a primate city and has grown rapidly over 20 years. Population is more than 11 million, inner city exceeding 2.2 million. city centre population of 20 thousand .
Name and explain 2 factors affecting primary economic activities in Paris Basin. Relief and Climate. Relief: Gently sloping lowlands of Paris Basin,ideal for cultivation, rarely goes over 200m above sea level. Easy access for machinery, farms are highly mechanised. Agriculture quick and intensive. Effective drainage, eg River Somme.
Climate: Factor affecting primary economic activities in Paris Basin Climate of Paris allows specialised agriculture, eg; cereal farming in Beauce. Moderate rain Spring & Summer promotes cereal growth,eg: BARLEY, warm Summer temps allow crop ripen. Western France, slightly wetter oceanic climate, ideal growing;High stocks
Soil: Factor affecting primary economic activities in Paris Basin. Vegetation in soils, Paris Basin, impacts on type of farming in the region. Limon soils, fertile, easily worked. Il de France,covered in limon soils, intensive growth of wheat.
What is viticulture? Viticulture is the growing of grape vines, usually to produce wine.
Many advantages attract industry
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