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Unit 7 Vocabulary

A review for Unit 7 Vocabulary

weathering the breaking down of rocks on Earth's surface into smaller pieces
erosion the process of moving sediment from one place to another
deposition the dropping or settling of eroded materials
sedimentary rock a type of rock that forms when layers of sediment are pressed together
fossil the remains or traces of a plant or animal that lived long ago
series circuit a circuit where the energy has only one path to follow
parallel circuit a circuit where the energy has more than one path to follow
fossil fuel fuel, such as coal, oil, natural gas, formed from the remains of once-living things
relative density determines whether one substance will sink or float
solubility the ability of a substance to dissolve in another substance
variable any condition that can be changed in an experiment
mechanical energy energy of motion
refraction the bending of light waves as they pass from one material to another
reflection the bouncing of light waves when they encounter an obstacle
prism a transparent object that bends and separates white light into the colors of the rainbow
thermal energy energy from heat
electrical energy energy that comes from an electric current
control the experimental setup to which you compare all other setups
matter anything that has mass and takes up space
volume the amount of space something takes up
Created by: whardcastle