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Smash Bros. Facts

What is the only tournamet legal stage in Smash 64? Dreamland 64
What characther was joked about for being to big to enter the roster until Smash Ultimate? Ridley
What Ice Climbers technique was banned in Melee tournamets? Freeze Glitch
What characther's final smash in brawl was called the big gay dance in Smash Brawl? King Dedede
What assist trophy appears in the game to keep Kirby's old final smash in Brawl alive? Chef Kawasaki
What pokeball pokemon in the game only flops around and is a dud? Goldeen
What pair of smash characters was banned from online play in Smash 4 to pevent bullying? Mii fighters
Who is the current Smash Bros. announcer and the voice actor of Joker? Xander Mobus
What item allows a fighter to unleash a super move called a final smash? Smash Ball
What were the 1st 3rd party characthers to join the battle in the Smash Bros. series? Snake and Sonic
What fighter is labeled figther no. 1 in Smash Ultimate? (He's famous). Mario
What fighter from the Pokemon universe is joked about better being nerfed in Smash 4? Greninja
The three main formats of a battle in the Smash Bros. series are time, stock and .... Coin
Who is the original final boss debuting in Smash 64 and playable by glitch in Melee? Master Hand
Who is the director of the Smash Bros. series? Masahiro Sakuri
All characthers got possesed bt Galeem in the World of Light adventure mode except ..... Kirby
What 3 items if used properly can one hit KO anyone? Home Run Bat, Beetle and Boss Galaga
Name all Smash 4 DLC fighters. Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, Ryu, Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta
When was Smash 64 released in North America? April 26th, 1999
What stage is a larger variant of Battlefield? Big Battlefield
Created by: 23Nemeth
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