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theatre arts vocab

actor/actress a male or female who performs in a play,work of theater,or movie
blocking the planning and working out of the movement of actors on stage
center stage the center of the area defined as the stage
character the development and portrayal of a personality through thought action dialogue costuming and makeup
comedy a theatrical work that is intentionally humorous
cue a signal verbal or physical that indicates a line of dialogue or an entrance is about to happen by an actor
dialogue the conversation between actors on stage
director the person who oversees the entire process of staging a theatrical production
downstage the stage toward the audience
dress rehearsals the final few rehearsals prior to opening night in which the show is run with full technical elements including costumes and makeup
gesture an expressive movement of the body
stage left the left side of the stage from the perspective of an actor facing the audience
stage right the right side of the stage from the perspective of an actor facing the audience
theater to imitate or represent life in performance for other people
tragedy a theatrical work that focuses on great suffering,destruction,or distress
upstage the stage area away from the audience
improvisation a spontaneous style of theatre through which scenes are created without advice
monologue a long speech by a single character.
pantomime acting without words
play a stage representation of a story
props items carried on stage by an actor
rehearsal practice sessions in which actors and technicians prepare
script the written text of a play.
stage crew the back stage technical crew
stage manager the directors assistant who runs backstage and is responsible for running each performance.
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