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Hatchet Vocab ALL

Hatchet Vocab

Consuming absorbing or engrossing completely
Altitude Height
Wincing shrinking back involuntarily, usually with a grimace, as from pain
Security measures taken to guard against sabotage, crime, or attack
Throttle valve that regulates the amount of fuel entering an engine
Wrenching violent twisting or pulling
Hummocks low, rounded hills
Amphibious able to operate or travel on both land and water
Diminish lessen
Ruefully in a sorrowful way; mournfully
Receded became more distant, and hence indistinct
Gingerly in a very careful way
Haunches Hindquarters
Regulate adjust to a particular degree or amount
Primitive of or existing in the earliest times
Exulted to rejoice greatly
Sulfurous like burning sulfur in odor or color; giving off choking fumes
Stabilize make steady
Ignited caught on fire
Unwittingly without knowledge or awareness
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