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word list:34-35


pachyderm thick skinned animal
pacifist antimiltratist
paean song of praise,joy
palette paint mixing board
pall** grow tiresome
pallet poor's bed
palliate ease pain
pallid pale,wan
paltry insignificant,petty,trifling
palimpsest parchment used for 2nd time after original writing has been erased
pan critisize harshly
panacea cure all
panache flair,flambuoyant
pandemonium wild tumult,chaos
pander cater to low desiresof others
panegyric formal praise
panoramic unobstructed and comprehensive view
pantomime acting without dialogue
papyrus ancient paper from papyrus plant
parable short,simple moral story
paradigm model,example,pattern
paragon model of perfection
paramour illicit lover
pariah social outcast
pariance language,idiom
parley conference
parochial narrow in outlook,provincial
parody humorous imitation,travesty,spoof
paroxysm fit or attack of apin
parquet floor made of wood strips in mosaic pattern
parry ward off blow,deflect
parsimony stinginess,poor,excessive frugality
partisan one sided-ness,prejudiced
passe old fashioned
pastiche imitation of another's style in musical composition or writing
pastoral rural
patent open for public to read,obvious
pathos tender sorrow,pity,quality in art or literature produces such feelings
patina green crust on old bronze items
patois local or provincial dialect
patrician noble,aristrocratic
patronize support,act superior,toward,be a customer of
paucity scarcity
peccadillo slight offense
pecuniary pertaining to money
pedagogue teacher
pedant scholar overemphasizing book learning and technicalities
pedantic bookish,showing off learning
pedestrian ordinary,unimaginative
pejorative negative in expression
pell-mell in confusion,imbroglio,disorderly
pellucid transparent,limpid,easily understood
penchant liking,strong inclination
pendant(adj) hanging down from something
penitent repentant
pensive thoughtful mood
penury severe poverty
peon bond servant,landless agricultural worker
perdition damnation,complete ruin
perergrination journey
peremptory demanding n leaving no choice,compulsory
perfidious treacherous,disloyal
perfunctory superficial,not thorough,lacking intrest,care or enthusiasm
peripatetic walking about,moving
perjury false testimony while under oath
pernicious very destructive
peroration conclusion of an oration
perpetrate commit an offense
perpetual everlasting
perquisite any gain above stipulated salary
personable attractive
perspicacious having insight
perspicuity clearness of expresion,freedom from ambiguity
pert impertinent,forward,rude
pertinacious stubborn,persistent
pertinent suitable,to the point
peruse read with care
pervasive spread throughout
perverse stubbornly wrongheaded,wicked and unacceptable
perversion corruption
pestilential causing palgue
petty trivial,unimportant,very small
petulant touchy,peevish
pharisaical pertaining to pharisces,hypocritical,self righteousness
philanderer faithless lover,flirt
overwrought extremely agitated
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