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Iroquois 6A

Social Test on Iroquois

Iroquois -People of the Longhouse
Peacemaker -he went to all the tribes and helped form the great law of peace -Mohawk man -tree of peace was his idea
Longhouses -houses where Iroqouis lived - they lived in clans
Clans -a group of people living in the same longhouse -man moved to womens clan (matriarcal)
Hiawatha -Onondaga man -was the voice of the peace maker
Started before Europeans arrived? True or False True
How many Laws were there? 117
The US constitution was based off of the Iroquois? True or False True
How did they pass down stories? Through Oral Tradition
What is Oral Tradition? A way of story telling through words and speaking
What does S.C.O.O.M. stand for? Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk
Hiawatha's 3 daughters and his wife died? True or False True
The Iroquois Spoke English? True or False False
The tree of peace is real? True or False Both! No one has found it, but it doesn't mean it is not real.
When an Issue arises.... 1. Mokawk and Seneca 2. Onieda and Cayuga 3. Set aside, process starts over OR Onondaga confirm 3. process starts over OR Mohawk announce decision and action is taken
How many chiefs were there total in the grande council? 15, 50, or 55 50
Tree of peace eagle- warn of danger branches- protection under GLOP wepon- no fighting, peace roots- others may join
Wampum beads made out of shell, often used to make belts that show a message.
Clan Mothers -Dismiss and replace Hoyaneh -made most big decisions -oldest most respected -chose Hoyaneh
Hoyaneh -Chiefs -went to grande council -non- hereditary position -teachers/leaders
Created by: SophieandFrankie