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Weathering, erosion,

Weathering, erosion, deposition, and natural hazards

What is the movement of sediments down a hill or mountain? landslides
What is an embankment that is built to prevent a river or other body of water from overflowing? levee
What can change an environment by eroding soil quickly? floods
What is a large mass of snow, ice, and rock that moves quickly and suddenly down a mountainside called? avalanche
What is the movement of plates that slowly slide past each other, press against each other, or pulled apart called? earthquake
What are the outermost layers of Earth divided into huge blocks called? plates
What is the magma that flows out of a volcano called? lava
What is a mountain that builds up around an opening in Earth’s crust? volcano
Gravity, frozen water, and people can cause? erosion
What is the dropping of sediment in a new location called? deposition
What is the major cause of erosion? moving water
What does wind, water, gravity, living things, and ice cause? erosion
What is the movement of weather rock? erosion
What are rock pieces moved from one place to another called? sediment
Water and air can change the iron in rocks into what? rust
What kind of weathering changes the mineral that make up rocks? chemical weathering
What is the action that breaks down rocks into smaller pieces? weathering
What can rain, wind, temperature changes, and running water slowly change? Earth's surface
Weathering caused by water, wind, temperature changes, and living things is called? physical weathering
What is the melted rock from parts of the mantle and crust? magma
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