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Planet Quiz -

Planets are defined as celestial bodies that ______ a star. Orbit
What are the inner planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
What are the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
The inner planets are? Terrestrial or Rocky
The out planets are? Jovian or Gas Giants
Planets are defined as celestial bodies that orbit a star and form a spherical shape due to its own_______ Gravity
Inner Planets are also known as Terrestrial
Outer Planets are also know as Jovian
What planet is closest to the sun? Mercury
What planet has almost not atmosphere Mercury
What planet day is almost as long as its year Mercury
This planet has a very large temperature range - day 450 degree C and Night -170 degree C Mercury
This planet is know as "Earths twin" because of its similar size Venus
Which planet it the hottest, above 450 degree C, due to an atmosphere mostly of CO2. Venue
Venus atmosphere mostly CO2 causes a severe? Greenhouse Effect
This planets rotation is in the opposite direction than other planets. Venue
Rotation in the opposite direction than other planets is called? Retrograde Rotation
This is the only planet known to have life Earth
This planet has about 70% if the surface covered with liquid water, good life source Earth
This planet's atmosphere is made mostly of nitrogen (78%) and osygen (21%) Earth
This planet has seasons due to its tilt on this axis of rotation Earth
This planet is called the "Red Planet" doe to its rusty iron surface Mars
This planet has water below the surface Mars
What other planet like Earth has seasons due to its tilt on its axis? Mars
No people have been on this planet yet, but several probes and rovers have Mars
What is the biggest planet in the solar system Jupiter
This planet is considered a "failed star" Jupiter
This planet has 4 large moons (60+ overall) Jupiter
Planet with Great Red Spot - a storm many times bigger than Earth, raging for 1000's of years Jupiter
What is the second largest planet which has many moons Saturn
This planet is the most distant planet know to the ancients Saturn
The least dense planet that would float in water Saturn
This planet has distinct rings made of rock and ice orbiting the planet Saturn
This planet was discovered in 1781 Uranus
It takes 84 E.y. to orbit this planet Uranus
Along with Neptune, its known as an ice giant. Uranus
The axis tilt at 90 degrees may be the result of a large object hitting the planet knocking it on its side - which plant am I Uranus
This planet has rings but not as noticeable as Saturn Uranus
This planet Europa is a moon that may have the ingredients for life, such as liquid Jupiter
Which planet is about 30 time further from the Sun than the Earth Neptune
This planet was discovered by mathematical prediction Neptune
For 20 years out of every 248, this planet's orbit is outside of Pluto's Neptune
What are the five outer planets? Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
Which planets are the gas giants? Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
What are the two main differences between Pluto and the gas giants? Size and gas giants has a rocky core
Why doesn't the gas on a gas giant escape into space as it has on Mercury? Stronger gravitational force, thick atmosphere
What object in the solar system has a composition similar to that of the gas giants? Outer solar system
What planet is by far the most massive of all the plants that revolve around the sun? Jupiter
What are Saturn's rings made of rock and ice
Why did astronomers know where to look to discover Neptune? Uranus did not follow the orbit path. Discovered by mathematical prediction.
Why do astronomers sometimes consider Pluto and its moon, Charon to be a double planet? Share atmosphere
What is a gas giant? A large planet of relatively low density consisting of hydrogen and helium
What are terrestrial planets Relatively small and rocky surfaces
What is retrograde rotation Rotation is in the opposite direction than the other planets
What is the greenhouse effect? A process in which gasses in earth's atmosphere such as water vapor and carbon dioxide allow visible light to pass throughout, absorb reradiated infrared radiation on that warms the lower atmosphere
Created by: cmiller621