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Lindsey Jones 3C7

Lindsey Jones 3C7 - Therapeutics- Pharmacology

What are the 5 Cardiac Medications? 1. Crystodigin(digitalis) 2. Nitroglycerin 3. Quinidine 4. Lidocaine 5.Verapamil
Cardiac Medication: What is the Use of Crystodign (digitalis)? Another Name: Lanoxin(digoxin) USE: 1. CHF to increase contractility 2. Control atrial tachycardia & fibrillation
Cardiac Medication: What is the Use of Nitroglycerion? Another Name: Isordil USE: Stops the pain that comes from angina
Cardiac Medication: What is the Use of Quinidine? Another Name: Propranolol (Inderal) USE: Treat Atrial Arrhythmias
Cardiac Medication: What is the Use of Lidocaine? USE: Treat PVCs, V-tach, v-fib
Cardiac Medication: What is the Use of Verapamil? USE: 1. Decrease heart rate 2. Treat PSVT
What are the 3 types of Vasoactive Medication? 1. Diazoxide 2. Norephinephrine (Levophed) 3. Metoprolol (Lopressor)
Vasoactive Medication: What is the Use of Diazoxide? Another Name: Nipride, Sodium nitropresside USE: reduce systemic arterial blood pressure AND reduce ventricular preload
Vasoactive Medication: What is the Use of Norephinephrine (Levophed)? USE: Lower blood pressure & decrease right ventricular preload.
Vasoactive Medication: What is the Use of Metoprolol (Lopressor)? USE: Slow Heart Rate
What are the 4 types of Sedations? 1. Narcotic Analgesics 2. Sedative/Hypnotic 3. Tranquilizers 4. Benzodiazepines.
Sedative Medication: What is the Use of Narcotic Analgesics? Another Name: Meperidine (Demoral), Morphine USE: 1.Decrease pain, anxiety. 2. Can be reversed with Narcan (Naloxone).
Sedative Medication: What is the 2 types & the Use of Sedative/hypnotic? 1.Barbiturates, Another Name: Secobarbital (Seconol) 2.Non-Barbituarates Another Name: Flurazepam(Dalmane), Chloral Hydrate(Noctec) USE: Provide sedation & Drowsiness.
Sedative Medication: What is the Use of Tranquilizers? Another Name: Valium (Diazapma), Versed (Midazolam) USE: Control anxiety, Relax muscles.
Sedative Medication: What is the 7 types & the Use of Benozodiazepines? Another Name: Ativan, Librium, Dalmane, Xanax, Halcinon, Valium, Versed USE: 1. Only slight suppression of ventilatory drive. 2. Control anxiety 3. Can be reversed by Romazicon (flumazenil).
What are the 3 Diuretics? 1. Loop Diuretics. 2. Osmotic Diuretic 3. Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitiors.
Diuretics: What is the Use of Loop Diuretics? Another Name: Furosemide (Lasix) USE: Treat pulmonary edema, CHF, fluid overload related to kidney & liver function.
Diuretics: What is the Use of Osmotic Diuretic? Another Name: Osmitrol (Mannitol) USE: 1. Decrease cerebral fluid, manage cerebral edema. 2. Treat drug toxicity.
Diuretics: What is the Use of Carbonic anhydrase Inhibitors? Another Name: Acetylzolamide (Diamox) USE: Treat cerebral edema.
What are the 2 special Medications? 1. Surfactant therapy and 2.Anti-pneumocystis medication.
What is the 3 types & Use of Surfactant Therapy? Another Name: Exosurf, Neosurf & Infasurf USE: For infants demonstrating pre-mature lungs.
What is the use of Antipneumocystis Medication? Another Name: Pentamadine (nebupent) USE: Treat pneumocystis carinii associated w/aids. Health care workers must use expiratory filters and one-way valves.
Created by: johnfaar
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