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Chapter 7

Sex and Gender

Sex a person's biological classification as either male or female based on the sex chromosomes contained in his or her DNA
X Chromosomes sex chromosomes that exist as a matched pair in females and as part of an unmatched pair in males
Y Chromosomes sex chromosomes that exist in males as an unmatched pair
Gender set of behaviors and characteristics that dfine individuals as boys and men or girls and women in society
Mullerian system precursor of female sex organs
Wolffian system precursor of male sex organs
Gonads first sex organs to develop (identical for male and female in first 4 weeks of development)
Androgens male hormones
External genitalia consist of penis and scrotum in males. labia,clitoris, & external vagina in females
Androgen insensitivity syndrome condition in which a gentically males fetus' rceptors for androgens fail to function, resulting in the development of external female genitalia
Gender typed boys and men who show trditionally masculine traits and behaviors, and girls and women who show traditionally feminine traits and behaviors
Androgynous people who are neither specifically masculine or feminine
Gender identity disorder condition in whihc a person feels he or she was born with the body of the wrong sex
Transexual a person who has had sex reassignment surgery
Social learning theory emphasizes the role of cognition in motivation and the importance of expectations in shaping behavior
Gender schema theory states that the process of gender differentiaiton begins at a very young age
Gender roles expectations about the way mena and women behave
Gender stereotype widely held concept about a person or group of people that is based only on gender
Sexism consists of prejudice and unfair treatment against men or women based on gender stereotypes
Benevolent sexism acceptance of positive stereotypes or favorable biased behavior that propogates unfairness and inequalities based on gender
Male answer syndrome phenomenon in which males are more likely that females to guess at answers to diffifcult questions rather than reveal their uncertainty
Sexual orientation enduring sexual attraction toward members of our own sex, the other sex, or both
Erotic plasticity the degree to which sex drive is shaped by cultural, social, and situational factors
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