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Lindsey Jones 3A6

Lindsey Jones 3A6 - Pharmacology for Ventilation

What are the 8 types of Pharmacology for Ventilation? 1. Ventilatory Drive 2. Airwary Dilation 3. Decongestants 4. Corticosteroids 5. Mucolytics&Surface Active Medications 6. Wetting Agents 7. Airway Constriction Prevention 8. Drug Sequencing.
What are the 2 types of Ventilatory Drive? 1.Central Sleep Apnea - Doxapram(Dopram) & Medroxyprogesterone(hormone) 2. for Neonates - Aminophylline.
Name the 4 Bronchodilators in Airway Dilation? 1. Front Door Bronchodilators 2. Back Door Bronchodilators (Parasympatholytics & Anticholinergics) 3. Side door Bronchodilators 4. Combining Bronchodilators.
In Airway Dilation Name 6 types of Front Door Bronchodilators? 1. Albuterol 2. MetaProterenol 3. Terbutaline 4.Pributerol 5. Salmeterol 6. Xopenex.
What is the Brand , Strength, Dose & Side effects of Albuterol? BRANDS: Proventil, Ventolin STRENGTH: 0.5% Dose:0.5mL SIDE EFFECTS: Tachycardia & Tremors.
What is the Brand , Strength, Dose & Side effects of Metaproterenol? BRANDS: Alupent STRENGTH: 5% DOSE : .3mL SIDE EFFECTS:Tachycardia, tremors.
What is the Brand ,given with, Strength & Dose of Terbutaline? BRANDS: Brethine STRENGTH: 0.1% DOSE: 0.5mL Given with: Aerosol/Subcutaneous Injection.
What is the Brands, given with & Dose of Pributerol? BRAND: Maxair DOSE: 0.2 mg/puff. Given with MDI.
What is the Brands , given with& Dose of Salmeterol? BRAND: Serevent DOSE: 21 mg/puff. Given with MDI.
What is the Brands , given with of Xopenex? SRENGHT: 1.25 and 0.63 mg. Given with aerosol.
What are the 6 associated side effects in a Front door bronchodilators? 1.Tachycardia 2. Tremors 3. Nausea 4. Headaches 5. Cardiac Palpitation 6. Tachyphyaxis. When Side effects occurs - 1st stop therapy - notify the doctor/nurse-then document. Then Alter dosage for next treatment. If Problem persists, alter frequency.
In Airway Dilation Name 2 types of Back Door Bronchodilators? 1. Ipratroprium Bromide - Atrovent 2.Atropine Sulfate (Sch 1000) - A) It has Drying quality- it will dry secretions B) it is also a cardiac stimulant C) It will help reverse a cholinergic crisis.
In Airway Dilation Name the types of side Door Bronchodilators? 1.Aminophylline: A)Brand- Theophylline, Theo-Dur/ Choledyl(Oxytriphylline) 2)Phosphodiesterase inhibitor.
When an amniophylline blood test is taken what is the normal? Aminophylline blood test - 10-20ug/mL . If too high then is toxic side effects are 1)Tachycardia 2. Tremors 3. Seizures 4. Vomiting/nausea
In Airway Dilation what is combining Bronchodilators? It can be mixed from different classes ( Front door with Back door etc.). Never Administer 2 Front door Bronchodilators.
Name one Decongestants? Racemic Epinephrine. Brand: Vaponephrine. It treats with upper airway inflammation - 1) Acute Epiglottis 2. Croup 3. post-Extubation Inflammation. Drug may discolor with time.
What is Corticosteroids? It prevents and relieve inflammation of airway walls. Inflammation is one of the components of asthma so sorticosteriods are key in treatment.
On What patients Corticosteroids used for? Used on asthma pt., COPD and status asthmaticus.
What are the causes by using Corticosteroids ? May cause Candidiasis(oral yeast infection) - prevent by judiciously rinsing mouth after inhaler use. If an infection occurs-treat w/ Nystain. Also causes 1. Adrenal suppression. 2. Cushingoid syndrome.
Common examples of Corticosteroids? 1. Methylprednisolone (solu-mederol). 2. Prednisone. 3.Beclamethasone (Belcovent). 4. Dexamethasone (Decadron). 5. Triamcinolone (Azmacort). 6.Fluticasone (Flovent). 7. Flunisolide (Aerobid).
Name 2 Mucolytics & 2 Surface Active Medications? Mucolytic medication - Acetylcysteine(mucomyst) and Dornase Alpha(pulmozyme). Surface Active Medication - Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) and Sodium bicarbonate.
Mucolytics Medication: What is Acetylcysteine Mucomyst ? 1. These are thin secretions that break up disulfide bonds in the sputum. 2. Can cause bronchospasm-should be given w/bronchodilator. 3. Comes in 10% and 20% strenght - use 2-4 cc. Never combine aerosolised antibiotics.
Mucolytics Medication: What is aerosolised antibiotics? 1. Erythromycin, Amphotericin B, and Ampicillin etc.
Mucolytics Medication: What is dornase Alpha(Pulmozyme) ? 1. These are thin secretions. 2.Commonly used by cystic fibrosis pts. Dose: 2.5 mg-aerosolized. 3. Requires refrigeration.
Surface Active Medication: What is ethanol (ethyl alcohol)? 1. Reduces sputum's ability to form foamy bubbles. 2. Can be used in pulmonary edema.
Surface Active Medication: What is Sodium Bicarbonate ? Changes sputum pH and thins secretions.
What are the 2 wetting Agents? 1. Water - Not a drug. Oral consumption of water is the best 'First' option to thin secretion. 2. Saline - Hyptonic(0.45%) Isotonic(0.9%) Hypertonic(>1.8%).
What are the 2 airway constriction Prevention? 1. Nedocromil and 2. Cromolyn sodium.
How does Nedocromil (Tilade) help in Airway constriction? Nedocromil - Never use during bronchoconstriction (wheezing). Prevent bronchoconstriction.
How does Cromolyn Sodium help in Airway constriction? Cromolyn Sodium - Prevents bronchoconstriction by preventing degranulization of the mast cell. It should not be used to relieve current bronchoconstriction.
What is Drug Sequencing? 1. The optimal order in which medication should be given when aerosolised: 1. Beta sympathomimetics 2. Parasympatholytics 3. Corticosteriods.
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