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Lindsey Jones 3A1

Lindsey Jones 3A1 Therapeutics : Improving Ventilation

What is improving Ventilation refers to? It is helping pts. To improve their breathing in general.
What is Optimal Breathing Pattern & they are used on what kind of patients? They used on consious pts. It is to inspires slowly &deeply. Pause @ the top of inspiration for 1-3secs. Exhales slowly & passively 4.Totally relaxes b/w breaths. This pattern is suitable for all breathing situations-IPPB, SMI,Mech. Ventilation etc.
IPPB used on what patients? It is used for unconsious patients.
What are the 6 reasons(Indications) to use IPPB? 1. Decrease WOB. 2.Correct/Prevent ATELECTASIS 3. Mobilize secretions & Improve cough effectiveness. 4.Provide Bronchodilation 5.Deliver Medications 6. Treat/Prevent Pulmonary Edema
What are the 3 reasons NOT to use(Contra Indications) of IPPB? 1. Untreated Pneumothorax 2. Active TB 3. Current Pulmonary hemorrhage
What are the hazards of IPPB? 1. Pneumothorax 2. Gastric Distensions 3. Increased Air trapping(COPD & Severe asthma pts.) 4.Excessive elimination of CO2 which causes dizziness. 5.Decrease Venous return & decreased Cardiac output.
What is the other name of Incentive Spirometry (IS)? Sustained Maximal Inspiration (SMI)
What is the procedure for incentive Spirometry? 1. The IS is to motivate a pt. to effectively perform the procedure Maneuver. It is done hourly 8-10breaths each time. Pt. is instructed to inhale not exhale. Document date, time & volume not duration of treatment.
What are the 3 reasons(indications) to Use Incentive Spirometry? 1. Prevent ATELECTASIS (only in consious pts.) 2. help post-operative pts. Achieve their pre-operative values. 3. Helpful in preventing post-operative pulmonary complications.
When should a pt. do Incentive Spirometry? to obtain a baseline-value Before surgery. Baseline value is used as a goal after surgery. Initial post operation goal should be around 1/2 of Pre-operative Baseline Value. If pt. not close to goal -lower to something achievable. Once achieved raise goal.
What are the 2 types of Spirometers? 1. Flow-oriented 2. volume-Oriented
What is one disadvantage of an electrical SMI device? It requires new batteries if not functioning properly.
Created by: johnfaar
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