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img crit mid 2

image critique midterm - density and contrast

With an increase in IR size (decreased collimation), what change must be made to maintain the OD on the film? decrease in mAs
When considering the anode heel effect, what part of the tube should be placed over the lower half of the patient for a T-spine x-ray? cathode
For screen film, what is the primary controller of OD? mAs
In digital radiography, what produces a change in density? window level
What is the minimum change necessary to produce a visible shift in film density? 30%
What is the relationship between anatomical part thickness and density? indirect – increased part thickness, decreased overall film OD
How will increased beam restriction affect density? decreases it
How will increasing the SID during an exam affect density? decreases it
Will changing the FSS affect density if the tube is calibrated correctly? If so, by how much? it has no effect
A destructive pathological condition affects density how? increases it
Decreasing filtration of the x-ray tube affects density how? increases it
Decreasing the time that the film sits in the developer affects density how? decreases it
Increasing the number of pulses in the generator waveform affects density how? it increases density
Increasing the grid ratio does what to density? decreases it
Explain the relationship between generator waveform pulses and density with more pulses the voltage is more consistent, leading to more photon output, increasing image density.
In digital what factor controls contrast on the image? window width
A long scale of contrast could be termed what in DR? large dynamic range/window width
What kind of H&D curve demonstrates the most contrast? a steep one
How will changing to a large FSS affect contrast? it has no effect on contrast
How will increasing the SID affect contrast? it shortens the scale, or increases contrast
How will increasing the OID affect contrast? it shortens the scale, or increases contras
Additive pathology will do what to contrast on the image? lengthen the scale, decreasing contrast
How will decreasing beam restriction affect contrast? it lengthens the scale, decreasing contrast
Created by: annaluz87