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Intro to Instructional Planning and Presentation

Students will demonstrate originality in a creative graphic activity. Which object measures the given learning outcome? Given crayons and paper, students will draw a picture of an animal sitting in a chair using five colors and four geometric shapes,
What is a characteristic of learning outcome statements? They are written in overt and measurable terms.
A teacher works with an inclusion class that contains students at varying ability levels from different backgrounds. They all learn at varying speeds. Which two instructional objectives reflect differentiated instruction appropriate for this class? After instruction students will, 1. Demonstrate mastery of the same objectives using a method of their choice 2. Work on the same assignments at their own pace by completing series of short, related activities and lessons.
Bloom et al.’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives measures cognitive ability in which level? Synthesis
What is the purpose of affective domain? To address feelings, emotions, values and judgement.
On the first day of school, students share personal interests during an ice breaker group activity to create an effective classroom learning community. What is the taxonomy for this instructional activity? Affective domain-organization level
Standards are... State or national mandates of what students should know, be able to understand, and be able to do.
Blooms Taxonomy is... Hierarchical listing of cognitive domain levels related to critical thinking
Objectives are... Clear measurable statements of instructional intent
Krathwohl's Taxonomy Framework of skills in the affective domain covering attitudes, emotions and values
A teacher plans a Social Studies lesson based on the following standard: Determine the influence of geography on indigenous community location and development Which objective aligns with the standard? Use a topographical map to analyze features common to indigenous areas
A Rubric is a summary of criteria according to different levels of performance.
A Portfolio is a way to systematically organize evidence that reflects growth and development
A Post-test provides a form of summative assessment
A Formative Assessment Plans and assess learning during instructional activities
An Authentic Assessment Requires students to apply skills and knowledge in a real-life situation
A Competitive Evaluation Determines individual student's standing with in a group of peers
A Work Sample Determines the teachers effectiveness as related to evidence of student
Journals and blogs Require students to periodically write about social climate and activities
Pre-test Provide information that will enable the teacher to plan better and effective instruction
Which assessment strategy would help determine student proficiency in objectives that have not been introduced Give students a written exam over the upcoming objectives or ask questions aloud to determine students' knowledge of the topic
Scribes are for students who have difficulties with motor skills
Recorded books are for students who struggle with reading
Concept maps are for students who have difficulties processing complex concepts
Manipulatives are for students who struggle in mathematics
A fifth-grade teacher is developing a unit on geographic areas of the United States. She wants to plan a series of differentiated activities so that students will be able to identify various land and water forms What is the set of instructional goals? The teacher will organize self-selected groups of students, each group will choose a geographic region to research. Then each group will decide how to communicate their research findings.
A teacher is covering the different types of currency used in North and South America. The teacher would like to use activities that meet the needs of the Logical-Mathematical Learners in the classroom. Which activities would meet these goals? 1. Games that utilize different forms of currency 2. Classification activities where students group currency types
A teacher has several students who are ELL She decides to differentiate a lesson on recycling by lengthening the amount of time spent then reduces the amount of hands on materials that will be used for this activity Which strategy is most effective? Providing a longer lesson is the most effective since students from other countries have longer class periods.
What is a component of effective direct instruction? Teach basic skills that are fundamental to more complex activities
A Science teacher is covering an unit on air we breathe. The scientific method, air quality, measuring particles, designing research plans collecting observing, testing organizing evaluating and analyzing data What strategy should be used to assess? The teacher should design a series of short-response questions formulated around an authentic scenario that require the students to explain and provide details regarding how to apply elements of the scientific method.
A teacher is having her students do an experiment that involves collection of data. How should the teacher monitor the groups? The teacher should use probing questions after data collection to ask students about their participation in the classroom
When teaching a science unit on the air we breathe. One child is autistic One child has cerebral palsy & has minimal use of his hands. Two are gifted. The rest are gen ed. How should the special needs be evaluated in group instruction? They should be evaluated against their own past and present performance
A teacher places 5 to 8 students in a panel group. What is the outcome for this task? The students prepare and present an informal discussion
A group cooperative activity all students are expected to participate & responsible for learning & for completion of assignment The activity is collaborative students share how to solve problems & answer question . Which learning strategy would be best? Organize the class into 5 member teams that investigate the elements of the scientific method. Each team member will be assigned a specific topic & a jigsaw activity will be employed so the most possible info about each topic can be shared.
What 3 monitoring approaches should a teacher consider using during a collaborative learning assignment? The teacher should... 1. ask students questions to check for comprehension 2. supply the materials and make suggestions about where data can be located 3. make pacing adjustments such as breaking the assignment into smaller tasks.
Which statement describes constructivism? Learners individually discover and build their own knowledge.
Which 2 instructional activities align with a constructivist perspective on learning? Students visit a local nursery to complete a flower identification activity. Students plant pansies, marigolds, & snapdragons in front of the school & take turns watering the flowers
Which activity describes a student centered rather than a teacher-centered instructional strategy? Students work in centers related to plants, where the students plant a seed, water a plant, trace a leaf, and draw a tree.
Which strategy should teachers use to select online learning resources? Review online resources prior to teaching the lesson to determine if it will support student learning.
How can teachers monitor and evaluate student engagement with resources? Use a seating chart record of classroom behaviors
A fourth-grade teacher wants her students to interact with varied learning resources to heighten their learning experiences. Which two strategies enable the teacher to manage, track, and analyze the types of resources each student is using? 1. Implement a seating chart record of classroom behaviors 2. Have students fill out a weekly checklist for the resources they used.
Objectives for Marley & Me 1 Write observations about pet w/3 daily entries in 2 week journal 2 Summarize the 3 interesting journal in 1 min presentation w/graphic 3 Interview family about their memorable pet What 2 resources support these objectives 1. Graphic organizers 2. Parent or Caregiver
What are the three stages of backward design in instructional planning? Identify desired outcomes, assess, and plan learning experience and instruction.
A teacher read a rhyming poem & model the process of writing. Students are paired & given a poem selected by the teacher. They discuss what the poem is about & how it is written. Then they write a poem. What activity is appropriate for them to do after? Create an artistic display to showcase their poems Practice reciting their poems together using inflection for an oral presentation
The teacher plans to monitor student understanding & engagement through observations of behavior & guiding question. The students were unable to complete the WebQuest assignment to the specifications. Which 2 adaptations should this teacher consider? Modify the complexity of the assignment Reteach the portions of the lesson that the students do not comprehend.
Which types of activities promote engaged student participation and active student voice? Two-way listening and brainstorming
Which statement describes effective time allocation in a classroom setting? Time allocations such as pauses and silences can be interpreted differently among different ethnic groups.
Which third grade student activity would effectively begin a class for an initial lesson on fractions Organizing jelly beans by color into piles
A science teacher is thinking about activities for the opening week of classes. The teacher wants the students to feel comfortable & be encouraged about the new school year. Which strategy should the teacher use to begin the academic year effectively Distribute a short assignment that is interesting and is not textbook.
Which 2 strategies can a teacher implement to facilitate positive social interactions among all students Teach self regulation strategies so that student can nurture interpersonal relationships Distribute a Survey to determine students' interest and use this information for cooperative learning groups
A student has lived in the U.S. for 4 years and has mastered conversational English but continues to have a limited grasp of academic English. The student's science class is studying geology. Which strategy would help this student grasp the material? Pairing the student with a strong science student for structured research
What is a physical component of an effective learning environment? planning transitions between activities and arranging seating according to activity
Which instructional strategy is used in the development of students' academic language skills? Drill
Which 3 strategies could a teacher use to model academic language for students? 1. using interactions as a way to introduce students to new vocabulary 2. Maintain high expectations of the students ability to understand what is being said 3. Develop positive classroom communication skills to effectively communicate w/students
A teacher has a class with varying ELL proficiencies, after a lesson she realizes that students are struggling with vocab. the students are given a passage to reinforce vocab. Which strategy promotes development for academic language foe ELL students? Demonstrating how to apply morphemic analysis and word derivations to advance their understanding of content vocabulary
Teacher planning instructional activities for a history unit about the Northwest Ordinance. Which strategy is useful for introducing new essential vocabulary for instruction? Preview text to determine vocabulary words or terms that students might find challenging
What are two advantages of creating a podcast as an instructional activity ? 1. Students can design audio and video files and post them to the internet. 2. Students can use a wide range of skills such as planning preparing and recording.
How does technology-enhanced environment that includes access to computers, digital tools, and web access support differentiation of instructions It allows teachers to use time flexibly and implement a range of instructional activities
A teacher is having 25 students work independently on a research project using computers in the lab. How can the teacher monitor student use of internet? Use an internet filtering software to block sites that might contain inappropriate content
Which guideline should teachers follow when using the internet as an instructional tool? Select activities that are developmentally appropriate.
Computer- Based Instruction Progress on development of specific skills documented
Electronic White board Demonstrate how to solve a quadratic equation
Digital Camera Create a display using visual arts and artifacts
Internet Research a given topic
Which type of information found in a cumulative record is important to review during a parent conference? Standardized test results
Which strategy should a teacher use to communicate with ELL Parents about a field trip so the students will be able to attend? Using a translator call parents on the telephone and explain the field trip and have them return the signed permission slips if they approve
Which strategies are appropriate for keeping parents who are unable to attend conferences informed of their child's academic progress? Call the parents at home periodically, and add notes to report cards describing the students performance
What is an example of effective communication at the beginning of the school year with parents who are non-English speakers? Hold a special meeting with the families and have an interpreter present
What is an appropriate use of school based social networking sites for teacher-student communication? To provide links to additional information on what was taught at school.
Created by: Mbagby
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