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8th Unit 4 set C

Force and Motion Key Terms

Weight an object’s mass multiplied by the gravitational force acting upon it.
Force Formula force equals mass times acceleration (F=ma)
Rate of acceleration due to Gravity on earth 9.81 meters per second squared
Mental models models that are constructed and simulated within a conscious mind.
Physical models models that can be looked at, touched, and measured.
Conceptual models describe systems and how they work
Graphic models show the relationship between two variables on a graph so that the relationship is easily seen and understood.
gravitational potential energy the stored energy of an object due to its position relative to a reference point on Earth
conservative force forces that cause energy to be converted into forms that be easily regained; examples are gravity, the electrostatic force, and the spring force.
non-conservative force forces that cause energy to be converted into forms that cannot be easily regained; examples are friction and air resistance.
electrostatic force the attraction and repulsion of particles based on their electrical charges
induction charging a neutral object by bringing a charged object close to but not touching the object.
insulator material that resists the movement of charge
conductor a material across which electrons can easily travel
Created by: darrin_evans