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World geo exam

What is a formal region A region defined by a common characteristics such as production of a product
What is a functional region A central place in the surrounding territories link to it
What is a perceptual region A region defined by popular feelings and images rather than by objective data
Longitude Angular distance of a place east to west
Latitude Angular distance north to south
GPS A navigational system that can be Determined absolute location by using satellites and receivers on earth
GIS Computer programs that process and organize details about places on earth and integrate those details with satellite images and other pieces of information
GOES Geostationary operational environmental satellite improves hurricane thunderstorm and tornado warning lead time
NOAA National oceanic and atmospheric administration. Predict changes in climate weather oceans and coasts shares this information with others
Polar Regions of the planet that surround the north and south poles
Temperate Moderate climate not too hot or too cold
Tropical Very hot and humid
Factors affecting climate Ocean currents distance from sea distance from equator direction of wind
Biome Complex community characterized by plant and animal species
Tundra Avast flattery list Arctic region of Europe Asia and North America in which the subsoil is permanently frozen
Tiaga The sometimes swampy coniferous Forest of high northern latitudes on Waze so bored take for us determine by conifers
Tropical forest Rain forest with no dry season
Grassland A large open area of country covered with grass especially one used for grazing
Desert A dry barren area of land especially one covered with Sam this characteristically waterless and without a vegetation
Weathering Break down of rocks soil and minerals
Erosion Removing said a man from one location and transporting to another
Three agents of erosion Water wind and ice
Tectonic plates and movement Oceanic and continental crust convergent divergent transform
Continental drift Gradual movement of the continents across the earth surface overtime
More developed countries Country that has developed economy and advance technology
Less developed countries A non-industrialized or third world country doesn’t have advanced technology or economy
Newly industrialized countries Countries whose economies have not yet reached a developed country status
Primary And industry involved in the extraction and collection of natural resources such as fishing farm and copper and timber
Secondary Involves the processing of raw materials turning timber into furniture
Tertiary Production and sale Overall good purchase and sale of finished goods
Quaternary Way to describe a knowledge base parts of the economy includes info technology media and research
Monarchy A form of government with the monarchy at the head undivided rule or absolute sovereignty by a single person
Democracy A system of government by the whole population of all the eligible members of the state typically through elected representatives
Constitutional monarchy A form of monarchy in which the sovereign exercises authority in accordance with a written or unwritten constitution
Oligarchy A small group of people having control of the country organization or institution
Dictatorship Government by dictator
Characteristics of culture A complex hole of a society including everything that gives a society its identity learned shared symbolic integrated and dynamic
Command economy And economy in which production investment prices in incomes are determined centrally by government
Free enterprise An economic system in which private business operates and competition and largely free of state control
Market economy Economic system in which the decisions regarding investments production and distribution are guided by the price signals created by the force of supply and demand
Capitalism And economical And political system in which a countries trade and industry’s are controlled by private owners for profit rather than by the state
Mixed economy An economic system combining private and public in a price
Traditional economy Economic systems in which traditions customs and believes help shape the goods and services the economy produces
Subsistence agriculture A self-sufficiency farming system in which the farmers focus on growing enough food to feed themselves and their families
GDP Gross domestic product total value of goods produced and services provided in the country during one year
GNP Gross national product total value of goods produced and services provided by country during one year equal to GDP plus net income from foreign invest
Literacy rate Percentage of population age 15 years and over who can read and write
Per capita income Average income earning per person and given area over one year
Delta Forms from deposition of settlement carried by a river
How does a Delta form Deposition of sediment by river the flow leaves its mouth and enters a slower moving water occurs when river enters an ocean
Effects of large bodies of water on climate Water heats and cools more slowly than land in summer coastal regions will stay cooler and winter warmer
Colonization One country takes control of another country the action or process of settling on mowing in establishing control over the indigenous people of an area
Industrialization The development of industries in a country or region
Urbanization The process of making an area more urban
Globalization The increasing economic integration and independence of the worlds nation
Urban sprawl Spreading of urban developments or undeveloped land near a city
Continental divide Separates the water from the Pacific ocean from the water there runs towards Atlantic and Arctic Ocean
Acid rain Precipitation caring large amount of dissolved acid which kills wildlife in damages buildings for some crops
Greenhouse effect The capacity of certain gases in the atmosphere to trap heat there by warning there
El Nino A periodic reversal of the pattern of ocean currents and water temps in the mid Pacific region
Maritime/Atlantic Not many people they speak English they have a wet and cold climate their economic activities include forestry shipping tourism and fishing
Core Most Canadians live here they have a cool climate they speak English Quebec in French their economic activities include farming factories forestry mining
Prairie provinces Not many people they speak English they have a cold and hot climate their economic activities include growing wheat cattle ranching oil did the land of grains and trains
British Columbia British/Chinese population they speak English they have a marine west climate their economic activities include minerals shipping tourism lumber and fishing
Nunavut Negative language arts taken sub arctic climate don’t have an official government and they are the newest territory 1991 subsistence oil
Quebec Oldest European city people speak French here
Multiculturalism Range of cultural and ethnic diversity within the population of the country
Sun belt A mild climate region in the southern in south western portions of the United States
Rustbelt A sharp decline an industrial work left many factories abandon causing rust from exposure to the elements
Wheat belt The part of the North American great plains where we eat is the most important crop the bell extends along a north-south ask is more than 500 miles from Alberta to central Texas
Bible belt And in formal region in the south eastern and south central us in which protestantism plays a strong role
NAFTA North American free trade agreement between the countries of North America Canada US and Mexico and it reduces in illuminates tear of so many good straight it along to three countries
Triangular trade A pattern of trade develop between England the three colonies Africa in the west Indies
Columbian exchange The exchange of crops ideas and diseases between the new and old world
Mercosur Purpose is to promote free trade the movement of goods people in currency trading zone between Brazil Argentina Uruguay in Paraguay
European Union Are unique economic and political union between 28 EU countries that together cover of the continent
Polders Low lying area from which sea water has been drained to create new land
North Atlantic drift Powerful warm western boundary current within the Atlantic ocean that extends the golf stream Northeast
Mistral Strong Northern wind from the Appalachian mountains that can bring cold air to southern France
Renaissance And people started talking interest in the learning of ancient Greece and Roman rebirth of learning
Reformation European movement aimed at reforming the believes and practices of the Roman Catholic Church
Industrial revolution Beginning in the 1700s the rapid major change in the economy with the introduction of power driven machinery
Irish potato famine What is a period of mass starvation disease in immigration in Ireland between 1845 and1849
Berlin wall Well that divided East and West Berlin because of the different government
Division of Europe after World War II Many of the countries in the west return to the same government and borders they had before war however Germany was divided is controlled by Russia western controlled by allies
Subarctic Long usually very cold winters short cool to mild summers
Mediterranean Mild winters are very warm summers
Humid continental Warm to hot in Austin humid summers cold winters
Marine West Coast Mild summers and mild winters
Highland Cold snow you wind usually at an altitude of 10,000 feet or more
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