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Ortho exam

PTA 205

Normal amount of valgus? 5-10 degrees
knee flexion? end feel? 0-140, soft
knee extension? end feel? 0- 5 to 10, boney
ER & IR of the knee 10-20 degrees
exercises during knee ligament tear? isom, quad set, RICE, SLR w/ ankle DF ( extensor lag - can't fully extend leg), SAQ, estim (Russian) for edema
Knee lig, mod phase CKC, term knee ext, step ups, OKC - full arc quad ( NOT ACL), manual resistance, stretches, jt mobs, stationary bike, treadmill, stairmaster
knee lig, min phase squats, treadmill, runs w/cuts, plyometrics, FUNCTIONAL TRAINING, SAID PRINICIPLE, PROPRIOCEPTION, trampoline, SLS, hop test
jt mob, when convex surface is stationary & concave moving, mob force should occur in which direction? same as bone movement
jt mob, when concave surface stationary & convex moving, mob force should be which direction? opposite as bone movement
restriced ABD of GH, ______ jot mob of humerous inferior
williams flexion exercises pelvic tilt, single knee to chest, double knee to chest, partial direct sit-ups, partial oblique sit-ups
what muscle is affect by L4? anterior tibialis
if someone has hyperesthesia of the skin, hyperhydrosis, thickened, still feeling in the joint, trophic changes in skin it is signs of? RSD, Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
if someone has an exaggerated and unpredictable response of the body to trauma or post-surgical procedures, indication of? RSD, relflex sympathetic dystrophy
someone has abnormal autonomic reflex, inc local circulatory disturbances, increased sensitivity, muscle spasm & pain, signs of? RSD, reflex sympathetic dystrophy
if someone has pain & swelling at radial styloid region when hand goes into ulnar deviation, sign of? Dequervain's syndrome
what is tx for RSD? TENS, light wt bearing activities, mobilize & desensitize, lots of sensory input, "suitcase" protocol, topical stimulation - rubbing towel across area, PROM/AROM in warm WPL
acute sprain of ulnar collateral ligament, sudden valgus force (hyperextension of thumb) skier's thumb
contraindications for RSD resistive & manipulative ex
contraindications if brachialis mm involved? massage, passive stretching, resistive ex
what to avoid first 10 days aft carpal tunnel surgery and caution 3 wks.... AROM wrist flexion, AROM finger flexion with wrist flexion b/c of bowstringing
does splinting help after carpal tunnel release? no
what modality and how for ACL reconstruction? NMES over quads w/knee flexed to 60 deg (least stress to ACL graft)
Created by: djbari
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