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Sight & Color

8.P.3A. 5 & 6

What are examples of technologies that receive and transmit signals through radio waves? Radios, televisions, cell phones, and wireless computer networks
Signals that humans can’t detect can be detected by what? Technological advances and designs
What are radio waves and gamma rays classed as? Radio → low frequency, high wavelength Gamma → high frequency, low wavelength
When in digitized form information can do what three things? Information can be recorded, stored for future recovery, and transmitted over long distances
How are radio signals transmitted? Through a medium such as air or fiber optic cables
If a material absorbs a color, will the color be seen? No, the color will not be seen because its absorbed
If a material reflects a color, will the color be seen? Yes, the color will be seen because its reflected
If all colors are reflected, what color will it appear? White
If all colors are absorbed, what color will it appear? Black
The color we see depends on what two things? The color of light that is shined and reflected by the object
If an object reflects red wavelengths and absorbs all others what color will the object appear? Red
What do color filters allow? Only certain frequencies of light to be transmitted, they absorb or reflect all others
The interaction between what two things allow sight to occur? The eye and light
What is the first layer of the eye light passes through? The transparent layer - cornea
Where does the lens focus light waves? On the retina
How are images transferred from the eye to the brain? Through the optic nerve.
How many times are the light waves refracted? Twice
Created by: Lawsont