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S Arabia, Turkey, Israel Test

What type of government does Turkey have? Parliamentary democracy
What was the purpose of the Mudros Armistice? It ended the Ottoman Empire following their defeat after WWI (dissolved the lands of their empire)
What are the two important rivers that flow through Turkey? Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
How has Turkey’s location impacted trade? It has been at a crossroads for trade routes and therefore trade has been extremely important throughout its history
How has dam building created problems between Turkey and neighboring countries? Dams decrease the amount of water flowing downstream to other countries limiting their water supply.
Which empire controlled much of the Middle East from the 1300’s until the early 1900’s? Ottoman Empire
Which describes a separation of religion and government? secular
What is a large lake created by a dam used for hydroelectric power reservoir
Which title means “Father of the Turks”? Ataturk
Turkey’s currency is the ___________________. Turkish Lira
In the production of which products does Saudi Arabia specialize? oil and gas
Which two bodies of water border Saudi Arabia? Red Sea and Persian Gulf
What are two sources of water in Saudi Arabia? oases and wadis
What is the official religion of Saudi Arabia? Sunni Islam
How did Saudi Arabia respond when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990? Saudi Arabia welcomed refugees and supported Kuwait
What type of government does Saudi Arabia have? Absolute monarchy
What is the purpose of the Basic law of Government? To set up how the next king is chosen in Saudi Arabia
What is Sharia Law? law based on Islam and the Quran/Koran
What is the largest country on the Arabian Peninsula? Saudi Arabia
What is the most significant geographical region of Saudi Arabia? Rub al Khali (desert)
Which Saudi Arabian city is the most important in Islam? Mecca
What has been the focus of the al Saud Royal family over the past decades? modernization
Which term BEST describes the Saudi Arabian government? autocracy
What is another term for Islamic Law? Sharia Law
The official language of Saudi Arabia is ______________. Arabic
What is the relationship like between Israelis and Arabs today? The two groups are still in disagreement about the existence of the government of Israel and the land it controls.
What event increased international support for a modern state of Israel in 1948? The Holocaust
What was a major goal for Zionists? a self-ruling Jewish homeland
What was a result of the 1948 war between Israel and the Arabs living in and around Palestine? Israel won the war and gained additional territory.
What is anti-Semitism? Hatred and discrimination of Jews.
What is the best description for the government of Israel? Parliamentary democracy
In a Parliamentary Democracy like Israel, what person or group of people have the most power? The voters/citizens
Which major body of water does Israel border? The Mediterranean Sea
How is Israel's economy impacted by an an increase in the price of oil? Israel's economy is hurt by an increase in the price of oil because they have to import oil.
What is the main religion practices in Israel? Judaism
What is the Law of Return? A law that states that anyone that is Jewish can become a citizen.
What is the Knesset? Israel's parliament
What is a sector of the Israeli economy that is world famous? Technology-based industries
Who is the head of government in Israel? Prime Minister
Israel's currency is the _____________________. Shekel
What is the official language of Saudi Arabia? Arabic
What is Islamic law? Sharia
What describes the condition of the relationship between Arabs and Israelis in Israel? Conflict
Created by: darcymcfarlane



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