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erythromycin macrolides legionnaires disease, whooping cough, acute diptheria, chlamydia, pneumonia *ototoxicity, N/V/D abd pain, suprainfection*
gentamicin aminoglycosides gram-negative infections *ototoxicity*nephrotoxicity*
ciprofloxacin floroquinolones bacterial infections, severe UTIS, prevention of anthrax *dizziness*headache*confusion*photosensitivity*
trimethoprim & sulfamethoxazole sulfonamides UTI, pheumocystis pneumonia, shigellosis enteritis, chronic bronchitis, acute otis media in children *N/V/D*skin reaction*leukocytopenia*
nitrofurantoin lower UTIs *N/V/D * neuropathy* tooth staining* brown urine* resp reactions*
amoxicillin broad spectrum penicillin 1st choice *N/V/D* rash, hives* suprainfection*
cephalexin cephalosporin mostly UTIs and resp infections *N/V/D* risk for hemorrhage* thrombophlebitis*
aztreonam monobactams lower resp infections UTIS abd & gynecological infections *thrombophlebitis* suprainfection* yeast* *incompatable in IV solution with many drugs*
imipenem and cilastatin carbapenenems serious infections *thrombophlebitis*
vancomycin top tier antibiotic severe infections MRSA pseudomembranous colitis ppl with allergies to penicillin *Ottotoxicity* hearing loss* thrombophlebitis*
isoniazid tuberculosis *liver damage* negative pressure room*
rifampin adjunction therapy for TB preventative therapy for meninococcal meningitis may help treat leprosy *Liver toxicity* red-orange color of body fluids*
tetracycline tetracyclines 1st choice for chlamydia mycoplasmal rickettsial syphillis * phtosensitivity* liver toxicity* teeth discoloring*calcium*
metronidazole metronidazole protozoal infections *metallic taste* dark urine* suprainfection*
chloroquine chloroquine malaria *visual symptoms* N/V
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