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GI system

ranitidine hydrochloride cimetidine histamine 2-receptor drugs gastric& duodenal ulcers, heartburn, GERD, aspiration pneumonitis Vit B12 anemia, sexual issues
omeprazole proton pump inhibitors gastric & duodenal ulcers, prolonged dyspepsia, GERD, do not give to children under 18 y old Monitor PT/INR
sucrafate mucosal protectants acute duodenal ulcers, chemo patients **increase fiber & fluids complex carbs** do not drink coffee, chai tea, cranberry juice, fat, alcohol
aluminum hydroxide antacid peptic ulcer disease, GERD *constipation* Monitor Phosphorus and mag levels* Interacts with a lot of meds and foods*
misoprostol prostaglandin E Analog prevention of gastric ulcers from long-term NSAID use **report bleeding or menstural changes*
ondansetron serotonin antagonist for nausea and vomiting **do not give to someone with liver issues* headache*dizziness*diarrhea*
dimenhydrinate scopolamine antihistamine motion sickness, antiemetic **sedation*drwsiness*dry mouth*
metoglopramide prokinetic Nausea, vomiting, GERD, diabetic gastroparesis *sedation*dry mouth*
psyllium fiber supplements Constipation, diverticulosis, IBS, stool regulation bowel or esophogeal obstruction
docusate sodium stool softeners constipation, prevention of fecal impaction, straining *diarrhea, mild abd cramps* take several days to work
bisacodyl stimulant laxatives constipation , colon evacuation before elective procedures *diarrhea, burning, abuse*
sulfasalazine 5-aminosalicyates IBD *nausea, vomiting, diarrhea*
azathioprine immunosuppressants IBD (unlabeled use) *nausea, vomiting, diarrhea* hepatitis* bone marrow suppression*
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