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fludrocortisone mineralocorticoids adrenocorticol insufficiency Monitor levels for appropriate dosing *Excess= increased weight, fluid retention, increased b/p, hypokalemia *Inadequate= weight loss, poor appetite, fatigue, muscle weakness hypotension
glipizide sulfonylureas Diabetes Mellitus 2 *mild hypoglycemia*Nausea diarrhea*
repaglinide meglitinides Diabetes Mellitus 2 *hypoglycemia*Nausea, Vomiting*
metformin biguanides Diabetes Mellitus 2 (Preferred drug, newly diagnosed) *Nausea, diarrhea* Vit b12 & folic acid deficiency* Lactic acidosis*
pioglitazone thiazolidinedione Diabetes Mellitus 2 can be taken with or without insulin/metformin *fluid retention*hepatoxicity*Increased lipid levels*
acarbase alpha-glucosidase inhibitors Diabetes Mellitus 2 *abd distention, flatus, hyperactive bowel sounds, diarrhea* Liver dysfunction*Anemia*
sitagliptin gliptins Diabetes Mellitus 2 *upper resp tract infections, inflammed nasal passages*Pancreatitis*
lispro (Humalog) aspart (novalog) glulisine (apidra) Rapid-Acting insulin
humalin-R regular short-acting insulin
NPH intermediate insulin
glargine (Lantus) detemir (levemir) Long acting insulin
pramlintide amylin mimetics type 1 DM, and type 2 insulin or oral hypoglycemic drug supplement *do not mix with insulin* *peak 20 min after dosing*
exenatide incretin mimetics Type 2 DM supplement to sulfonylureas or metformin *peak is 2h after dosing*
glucagon hyperglycemic Treats insulin induced hpoglycemia IV 50% glucose Parenteral glucagon Give IV,IM,SUBQ, provide food after consciousness
levothyroxine thyroid replacement hypothyroidism *give 1st thing in AM on empty stomach*
proplythiouracil antithyroid hyperthyroidism (graves disease) thyroid storm *rash, headache*
Created by: nelk0088
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