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methotrexate DMARD I Major Nonbiologic Rheumatoid Arthritis *Liver Damage* ANA titer to test for autoimune*
etanercept DMARD II Rheumatoid Arthritis *susceptible to infections* Severe skin reactions* reactivation of latent TB*
raloxifene SERMS Prevention and TX of post menopausal osteoperosis *risk for pulm emboli* DVT*
alendronate bisphosphonates osteoporosis *30 min after breakfast/ patient sit/standing*
calcitonin osteoporosis, pagets disease *hypocalcemia*nasal dryness*
calcium supplement hypocalcemia *kidney stones*hypercalcemia* Increase fiber*
neostigmine/pyridostigmine cholinesterase inhibitors Myasthenia Gravis Improves muscle strength *monitor for high/low serum levels* High: diarrhea salivation Low: muscle weakness, resp paralysis
aspirin, ibuprofen non opoid analgesics-NSAIDS (cox-1 and cox-2 inhibitors) inflammation suppression Fever reduction, inhibition of platelet aggregation *gastric upset* Ulcers* Kidney dysfunction* Salicylism*
celecoxib NSAID cox-2 analgesic , inflammation suppression, fever reduction, dysmenorrhea, arthritis Gastric upset: Diarrhea, heartburn, nausea, ulceration, renal dysfunction
tramadol centrally acting nonopioids moderatley severe pain, orthopedic issues *sedation, dizziness* Constipation* Urinary Retention* *cannot take with most antidepressants*
morphine opioid agonists mod-severe pain, preop sedation , reduces anxiety *resp depression, sedation* Dizziness*constipation*Nausea*urinary retention*
butorphanol pentazocine opioid agonist-antagonists mod-severe pain, anesthesia adjunct *Resp depression*increases cardiac workload*sedation*nausea*
naloxene opioid antagonist restores respiratory depression, constipation, euphoria, overdose Increased resp rate, b/p, HR, abstinence syndrome*
prendisone glucocorticoids Suppress inflammation and immune response Inflammatory&autoimmune disorders *Hyperglycemia*Hypokalemia* fat redistribution*Yeast*fluid electrolyte imbalances*infection* Consume Vit D & Calcium
allopurinol uricosurics GOUT *GI disturbances*vertigo*Bone marrow depression*metallic taste in mouth*Cataracts* HYDRATE!!! drink 3L H2O a day
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