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Developmental Tasks

Preschool - Dev Psych PS 323

builds a bridge c 3 cubes 3yr
builds 9-10 block tower 3yr
copies a circle and cross 3yr
parallel to associate play 3yr
rides tricycle 3yr
balances on one ft 3yr
climbs up stairs c alternating ft 3yr
walks downstairs s assistance 3yr
900 word vocabulary 3yr
3-4 word sentences 3yr
knows first and last name 3yr
imaginary friend 3yr
decreased tantrums; less negativistic 3yr
learns from experience 3yr
brushes teeth 4yr
climbs and jumps well 4yr
double birth length 4yr
laces shoes 4yr
skips and hops on one foot 4yr
throws overhead 4yr
uses scissors 4yr
1500 word vocab 4yr
4-5 word sentences 4yr
displays hand preference 4yr
catches ball with arms 4yr
forward heel to toe walk 4yr
imitates drawing a sqaure 4yr
draws 3 part stick figure 4yr
cooperative play begins 5yr
dresses completely s help 5yr
jumps rope 5yr
runs well 5yr
skips on alternate ft 5yr
ties shoes 5yr
walks backwards heel to toe 5yr
draws 6 parts of a person 5yr
vision becomes closer to 20/20 5yr
knows right and left hand 5yr
2100 word vocab 5yr
6-8 word sentences 5yr
rides bicycle c training wheels 5yr
names 4+ colors and shapes 5yr
copies a square and triangle 5yr
uses a fork and knife 5yr
prints name 5yr
tolerates increasing periods of separation from parents 5yr
gender specific behaviour 5yr
Age Appropriate Toys? role playing of adults patterns, playground materials, coloring books, tricycles c helmet, housekeeping toys, puzzles, clay, cutting and pasting
Created by: spham