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Cardiac Meds

hydralazine direct acting vasodilator Heart Failure, HTN *high doses, systemic lupus erythematosus*
nifedipine, verapamil Calcium Channel Blockers HTN, stable angina, Cerebral Palsy, Migraines, arterial dysrhythmias, reynauds *consitpation* grapefruit juice * Syncope*
propranolol beta adrenergic blocker Tachy dysrythmias, HTN, cerebral palsy, MI, migraines Do not give if HR<60 Antacids and vitamin C decrease absorption
losartan angiotension 2 receptor blockers HTN, prevent CVA, DM nephropathy, Heart Failure, prevent migraines *angioedema*
eplerenone aldosterone antagonists HTN, symptoms of Heart Failure after MI *hyperkalemia* no salt substitutes * Low potassium diet*
catopril ACE inhibitors HTN, Heart Failure, diabetic nephropathy Need b/p not HR *dry nonproductive cough* angioedema* rash* distorted taste* hyperkalemia*
digoxin cardiac glycoside Heart Failure, A. Fib, PAT, *Level of 0.5-0.8* Kidney Function* Potassium and Calcium levels *Toxicity give digibind*
clonidine central acting alpha 2 agonists HTN, severe pain, migraine, ETOH withdrawl, dysmenorrheal/menopausal hot flashes, ADHD, tourettes *Patches Q7Days* ARC with AEDS* HTN if stopped abruptly
carvedilol alpha/beta blockers HTN, Heart Failure, MI *Dizziness, hypotension*
hydrochlorothiazide thiazides HTN, heart failure, cirrhosis, renal failure *increases potassium excretion*need kidneys to work* DO not give if systole <90 * Hyperglycemia*
doxazosin alpha 1 adrenergic blocker HTN, BPH *orthohypotension* headache*
reserpine adrenergic neuron blockers HTN *parkinson like symptoms* Do not give to depressed patients*
aliskiren direct renin inhibitors HTN *2 weeks full effect* Hyperkalemia* angioedema* cough*
spironolactone potassium sparing diuretic HTN, edema r/t HF, cirrhosis, nephrotic syndrome, hypokalemia
dobutamine beta 1 agonist increases cardiac output for H.F. short term use *irritability of heart* dysrythmia*
milrinone phosphodiesterase inhibitors CHF *IV ONLY* contraindicated for patients who have had M.I. or valve disorders**
nitroglycerine Nitrate treat and prevent Chest pain, decrease preload and afterload *RED TOMATO* severe hypotension, tachy, dizziness, headache, syncope* remove patches for 10-12 hrs each day
furosemide loop diuretic pulm edema, edema, HTN *Potent* *Dysrhythmia* monitor electrolytes* can cause Lithium toxicity *
atorvastatin HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor antihyperlipidemics-hypercholesterolemia *monitor liver function* myopathy* liver toxicity*
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