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Neuro Drugs

fluxetine Increased risk for suicide, serotonin syndrome, hyponatremia 4-6 weeks for effectiveness
venlafaxine GI symptoms, Hyponatremia
bupropine hydrochloride increased risk for suicide, nausea vomiting, weight loss, increased risk for seizures
Lithium GI problems, tremors (Can indicate toxicity) Monitor sodium levels Monitor drug level (0.4-1.4)
dantrolene lightheadedness, fatigue, muscle weakness, diarrhea, hepatic toxicity Monitor Liver Function
phenelzine ortho-hypo, drowsiness, HTN crisis, Cannot have cheese, chocolate, or coffee
amitriptyline drowsiness, sedation, ortho-hypo Encourage long-term use several weeks to feel full effect
levodopa-carbidopa hypotension, orthostatic, dark urine and sweat, dyskinesis, on and off hallucinations, paranoia
selegiline insomnia, B/P issues, HTN crisis, hypotension, oral mucous membranes irritation No food or drink 5 minutes before or after administration
pramipexole GI symptoms, Orthostatic hypotension, dyskinesis, sleep attacks, muscle weakness Monitor CPK (for possible skeletal musce damage)
buspirone Paradoxical effects (Insomnia) Up to a week for therapeutic levels to be reached
diazepam drowsiness, impaired memory, resp depression, tolerance, overdose, vision problems, incontinance Can be addictive; Flumazenil treat O.D.
carbamazepine nystagmus, vision problems, vertigo, ataxia, decreased heart rate, stevens-johnsons syndrome Give HS ,,Begin with lowest dosage
phenytoin nystagmus, skin rash, hirsutism, pronounced gums, purple hands ataxia Blood level 10-20 dextrose solution
valproic acid GI issues, Jaundice, hepatoxicity, thrombocytopenia, rash, drowsiness, headache
memantine confusion, dizziness, constipation
donepezil CNS effects, Nausea-vomiting Give HS
modafinil headache, tachy, HTN
methylphenidate insomnia, growth suppression in youth, heart dysrhythmia, HTN
amphetamine+dextroamphetamine sulfate insomnia, nervousness,HTN, increased heart rate, palpations, weight loss, depression, tolerance, dependence
baclofen cns depression, hypotension, fatigue, drowsiness, constipation, diarrhea Immediate withdrawl=kidney failure, severe spasms
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