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Buss. Environment 16

Business Environment Chapter 16

Cause branding A strategy by which a company raises money through sales for programs directly related to its line of business or target audience; a longer-term commitment than cause-related marketing
Cause-related marketing A strategy by which a portion of the sale of a product goes to some specific
CECP Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy-a coalition of more than 150 CEOs in the world's largest corporations
Community action program A systematic approach to community involvement
Community involvement The donation of the time and talent of a company's managers and employees to the community
Community partnerships A partnership in which a for-profit business enters into a cooperative arrangement with a nonprofit organization for their mutual advantage
Company-wide day of service popular volunteer option where employees mobilize volunteers for a day
Corporate philanthropy Business giving; Business donations to nonprofit groups
Dollars for doers involves contributions in recognition of a certain level of employee volunteer service
Employee owned A company at least 50 percent owned by its employees
Offshoring the relocation of business processes to a different country
Outsourcing The relocation of a business process to a different company
Paid release time most common type of service program; paid time off for employee volunteering
Philanthropy hackers groups that want to interact directly with the scientists
Philanthropy In business terms
Reshoring the returning of business processes to their original location
Skills-based pro bono service allows employees to volunteer with their specific skills etc
Strategic philanthropy An approach in which a firm's philanthropic activities are designed to fit within its overall mission
Third sector The nonprofit sector
Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) Federal law requiring firms employing 100 or more workers to provide 60 days' advance notice to employees before shutting down or conducting substantial layoffs
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