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Buss. Environment 12

Business Environment Chapter 12

501(c)(4)s Tax exempt "social welfare organizations" who are not required to disclose their donors
527s Nonprofit organizations set up to raise and spend money on political campaigns
Ad hoc coalitions bringing together diverse groups to organize for or against legislation or regulation
Astroturf lobbying (or grasstops lobbying) Fake groups that appear to be grassroots supporters but are largely created and funded by an organization or trade association
Carey committees Hybrid political actions committees not affiliated with a candidate and can operate both a traditional PAC and as a super PAC
Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission First U.S. Supreme Court decision that corporations and labor unions could use funds from their treasuries to support of oppose political as long as spending is independent
Coalition An organization of distinct groups or parties who have something in common that warrants their joining forces for joint action
Company lobbying The lobbying efforts of individual firms
Connected PAC A separate segregated fund associated with a specific group or organization and can only raise money from that group
Cyberadvocacy A form of grassroots campaigning
Dark money Political contributions from undisclosed donors
Golden Rule of Politics "He who has the gold
Grassroots lobbying The process of mobilizing individual citizens to political action
Independent expenditure-only committee Super PACS that can raise unlimited amounts of money to support or oppose political candidates
Leadership PAC Nonconnected PACs formed by political leaders to support other candidates for office
Lobbying The process of influencing public officials to promote or secure the passage or defeat of legislation
Non-connected PAC Can accept funds from any individual or organization as long as those contributions are legal
Political accountability An assumption of responsibility for political actions and a willingness to be answerable for them
Political action committee (PAC) An organization of like-minded individuals
Political corporate social responsibility (PCSR) The logic that if citizens expect companies to be socially responsible
Political involvement Participation in the formulation and execution of public policy at various levels of government
Revolving door lobbyists Former congressional staff members or government official
Sectoral trade associations Composed of many firms in a given industry or line of business
Shadow lobbying When ex-lawmakers provide "strategic advice" rather than "lobbying services" to various clients
Speechnow v. Federal Election Commission Ruled that any government restrictions on the amount corporations can spend would be unconstitutional
Stealth lobbying Also called shadow lobbying
Super PACs Officially known as independent expenditure-only committees; resulted from judicial decisions
Trade associations Organizations of many firms in a given industry or line of business
Transparency business and political transactions open to public view
Umbrella trade associations The broadest level of lobbying which represent the collective business interests of the United States; Chamber of Commerce or National Association of Manufacturers
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