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Chapter 2

Professional Development, Chapter 2 , Pivot Point Esthetics

Professional Someone who commits to higher standards of performance and continually seeks to improve.
Long-range Goal Identifies where you want your career to be in 5 years.
Resumé 1 or 2 page outline that lists your educational history, work experience, additional skills and acheivements.
Cover letter The "personality piece" that introduces you to your prospective employer, offers a brief summary of why you would like to be employed the location and gives brief description of your skills/qualities. Necessary companion piece to resumé.
Application Process Involves filling out forms for employment before the interview process begins.
Punctuality Arriving on time for an interview.
Personal Qualities Sincerity and honesty, enthusiasm and charisma, dependability and loyalty, good work ethics and punctuality, flexibility and team spirit, organization and efficiency.
Work Environment The physical surroundings and emotional "vibe" from employees currently employed.
Job Benefits The amount of money earned, insurance, paid sick or vacation time and educational reimbursements.
Ready Buyer An open-minded person that tends to take chance on new products without hesitation.
Logical buyer This buyer wants to know all the facts about a product and thinks carefully before buying.
Emotional buyer This buyer bases purchases more on personal reasons than facts.
Bargain buyer This person wants to save money and concentrates more on price than quality.
Stubborn buyer This buyer puts up a struggle and enjoys debating with you.
Performance review An opportunity to discuss your job performance with your manager.
Recommended colors for resumé papers White, pale blue, grey, ivory, cream, or pale beige
Size of skin care center Least important factor in deciding whether to accept a position.
Networking Refers to developing relationships with individuals who can put you in contact with customers or potential employers.
Customer service Generally described as personal attention to needs of the client and a willingness to show concern for the client's personal well-being.
Marketing Technique used to create an awareness of a product or service.
Word of mouth Method of advertising that is considered to be the most effective in building a clientele.
Rebooking What asking a current client to make a future appointment is called.
Promotional literature Flyers, newsletters, postcards, brochures.
Retailing Refers to recommending and providing the best products for a client to purchase.
Customizing Refers to strategy for finding the correct product to fit the needs of the client.
Cross-Selling Building on a sale by recommending a product the complements another product the client has already purchased.
Need (buyer motivation) The easiest buyer motion to recognize.
Referral promotion Client receives a discount or free gift if the refer a friend who later comes in for a treatment.
Facing the product Displaying a minimum of 2 products on the front edge of a display shelf to create easy access and high visibility of products.
Examples of lifelong learning commitment Trade shows, Current periodicals, seminars, classes.
Comparison shopping The practice of visiting competitors to compare their business practices to your own.
Goals Identifies desired objective that helps to focus and define the path a career will take.
Medium Weight (24-26 lb.) Paper stock that is recommended for resumé, cover letter and envelope.
Legible font (non-decorative, 10-11 pt.) Recommended font for resumé,cover letter and envelope.
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