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Developmental Tasks

Infants - Dev Psych PS 323

head lag/sag 1 m
head held erect, steady 4m
little head lag when pulled up to sitting 4m
lifts head briefly when prone 1m
holds head up 45 degrees when prone 2m
lifts head and chest when prone 4m
little head lag when pulled up to sitting 4m
hold hand in fist 1m
early crawling movementss 1
can fixate on someone's face in direct line of vision 1m
gains 5-7 oz per week (0-6 months) 1
sleeps approximately 16hrs/day 1m
reflexes are predominant activity 1m
closing of posterior fontanel 2m
able to turn from side to back 2m
eyes begin to follow moving objects past midline 2m
social smile 2m
voice coos 2m
diminished tonic neck and moro reflexes 2m
brings objects to mouth at will 3m
turns head in the direction of sound 3m
binocular vision 3m
smiles in mother's presence; laughs audibly 3m
appearance of thumb apposition 4m
absent tonic neck, moro, and extrusion reflexes 4m
drooling 4m
evidence of pleasure in social situations 4m
brings hands together at midline 4m
plays with hands 4m
turns from back to side 4m
follows objects 180 degrees 4m
rolls from stomach to back 5m
birth weight usually doubled 6m
gains 3-5 oz per week (6-12m) 6m
teething begins-lower central incisors 6m
peek-a-boo 6m
bears weight 6m
smiles at mirror image 6m
can turn from back to stomach 6m
early ability to recognize strangers 6m
imitate familiar sounds 6m
grasps objects at will (palmar) - holds bottle 6m
transfers objects from hand to hand 7m
sits for short periods using hands for support 7m
beginning separation and stranger anxiety 7m
bangs cube on table 7m
responds to name 8m
sits alone steady 8m
elevates self to sitting position 9m
can recover to sitting when leaning forward 9m
crude pincer grasp 9m
rudimentary imitative expression 9m
responds to parental anger and "no" 9m
waves bye-bye 9m
expressions like "dada" may be heard 9m
no head lag when pulled to sitting 9m
searches for objects 9m
crawls well 10m
pulls self to standing position c support 10m
clasps hands 10m
vocalizes one or two words (mamma, dada) 10m
erect standing posture c support 11m
birth wt tripled 12m
birth length increased 12m
Created by: spham