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Environmental Management Systems

What are two reasons you would perform environmental sampling? Study the effectiveness of remediation Compare pollutant to regulatory limit Measure pollutants before new development Measure pollutants to assess toxicity
What are the results of using a quality management system to perform environmental sampling? Scientifically valid and legally defensible.
What is a quality management system? a series of connected procedures/components used to obtain a high degree of excellence
Differentiate between quality assurance and quality control? Assurance is a declaration that the end result the quality is achieved. Control is the techniques used to achieve the end result.
What are the five steps of environmental sampling? Plan, SOPs, collection, analysis, and reporting
What are the five components of quality assurance? Commitment/written policy, plan, implementation, check/correct, management review
How often do external audits take place? Every three years.
What percentage of operational costs does quality assurance take up? 15-20%
What does quality control detect? Error, bias, and trends
What are three types of error? Systematic-same error done repeatedly Determinate- procedure not followed Random
How would you correct a systematic error? Use a correction factor.
Differentiate between certification and accreditation. Certification is the acknowledgement that SOPs are used. Accreditation is a formal recognition of competency.
What are some benefit of being accredited? International trade, market shares, commitments.
What does ISO stand for? International Organization for Standardization
What does OECD stand for? Organization for Economic Co-op and Development
Who is Canada's representative to ISO? The standards council of Canada
What acronym describes the standards council of Canada? SCC
What does CALA stand for? Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation
ISO14000 is for which type of standards? Environmental
What are the 6 mandates of ISO 14000 policiies? Compliance with acts Policy is relevant Policy is communicated and understood There are objectives and targets There is continual improvement Public concerns are addressed
What are two types of control charts? Shewart and R
What is the assumption when using a control chart? That the measured parameter does not change over time.
What three things must you consider when interpreting Shewart charts? Warning limits Control limits Rule of Seven
What is the Rule of seven? Any 7 consecutive points above or below the mean must be investigated.
What does cycling on an R chart indicate? Anthropogenic activity or seasonality
Differentiate between a process lab and an environmental lab. Environmental labs look for trace amounts in a complex matrix; process labs usually deal with larger concentrations and purities.
How often should you be doing analysis calibrations? Every data set
What are the five Ps of the logbook? Place, people, procedures, physical measurements, and pictures
Differentiate between a field blank and a trip blank. A field blank is exposed to the conditions but is not used for analysis. A trip blank assess contamination with the filter itself and/or contamination from storage and handling.
How many blanks and spikes would you use per batch? One spike, one blank, one set of duplicates, and one choice.
What is the difference between a matrix spike/duplicate and a lab duplicate? A matrix spike is done by the analyst and a lab duplicate is submitted as a sample by admin. Both are to assess accuracy and precision.
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