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word list: 26


infringe violate,encroach
ingenious clever,resourceful
ingenuous native and trusting,young,unsophisticated
ingrained deeply established
ingrate ungrateful person
ingratiate become popular with
inimical unfriendly,hostile,detremental
inimitable matchless,not able to be imitated
iniquitous wicked,immoral,unrighteous
inkling hint
innocuous** harmless
innuendo hint,insinuation
inopportune untimely,poorly chosen
inordinate unrestrained,excessive
insalubrious unwholesome,not healthful
inscrutable impenetrable
insiduous stealthy,treacherous,sly
insinuate** hint,imply,creep in
insipid** lacking in flavour,dull
insolence disrespect,haughtiness
insolvent bankrupt
insouciant indifferent,without concern or care
insubordination disobedience,rebelliousness
insularity** isolation,narrow mindedness
insuperable unbeatable,insurmountable
insurrection rebellion,uprising
intangible not able to be perceived by touch
inter bury
interdict prohibit,forbid
interim meantime
interloper intruder
interminable endless
internecine mutually destructive
interpolate insert between
interregnum period between two reigns
intimidate frighten
intractable** unruly,stubborn,unyielding
intransigence** refusal of any compromise
intrepid fearless
inundate** overwhelm,flood,submerge
inured** accustomed,hardened
invalidate weaken,destroy
invective** abuse
inveigh denounce,utter censure or invective
inveigle lead astray,wheedle
inveterate deep rooted,habitual
inviduous designed to create ill will or envy
invocation prayer for help
iota very small quantity
irascible** irritable,easily angered
irate angry
iridescent exhibit rainbow like colors
irksome annoying,tedious
irreconciable incompatible,not able to be resolved
irreproachable blameless,impeccable
irresolute** weak,uncertain how to act
irrevence lack of proper respect
irrevocable unalterable,irreversible
itinerant wandering
itinerary** plan of a trip
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