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GSE WS6 CH.11 Test

GSE WS6 CH.11 Test Review

Why do most Australians live near coastal areas? Most of Australia is covered with desert; the coast has more fresh water and a more temperate climate.
Australia’s nearby location and rich natural resources make it a valuable trading partner for which country? China
Which became part of Australian culture because of its settlement by the British? English language and Christianity
Use the information in the list below to answer the next item. A. Relieve overcrowded jails B. Port for the navy C. Trade base Which of the following would be the BEST title for the list? Reasons for the colonization of Australia
Read the quote below and use to answer the next item. "We were a Western civilisation, an English speaking civilisation, both NZ (New Zealand) and Australia, and we had all these influences coming from both Great Britain and America to us; sending us their culture in the shape and form of movies and television." - Richard O’Brien Based on the information in this quote, which two countries have had a large influence on the culture of Australia? Great Britain and the United States
Which explains why Australia has a monarch but is not an autocracy? The monarch’s role is limited as head of state, not head of government.
In Australia’s government, who elects the prime minister? members of parliament
Which of the following are Australian citizens allowed to vote for in elections? members of parliament
Which describes the economic system of the Aborigines? traditional
Which economic systems’ features blend to make a “mixed” economy? command and market
Which describes Australia’s economic system? There are few rules for business, and good laws protect property owners
Which explains why businesses specialize? It increases productivity, producing more goods in less time.
When Australia refused to sell weapons to Yugoslavia, it hoped to help stop the fighting there. This is an example of which trade barrier? embargo
An American who wanted to buy goods in Australia would need to trade U.S. dollars for which currency? Australian dollars
Which is an example of investment in human capital? education of workers
Which is a likely effect on GDP when a country invests in physical capital? increase
Which is a major natural resource exported from Australia? minerals
Which is a reason entrepreneurs like Australia? Courts protect property rights.
Who were “the people who were here from the beginning” in Australia? Aborigines
Which group formed a large part of Australia’s first colonists? prisoners
What was the greatest threat to Aborigines after European settlers arrived? diseases
Choose the BEST answer to fill in the blank in the graphic below. Commonwealth of Australia established-_______?_________- Prime Minister apologizes to the Aborigines the Stolen Generations begin
Use the information in the box below to answer the next item: Australia’s Top Exports to the United States:precious stones/metals, agricultural products, and optic and medical instruments United States’ Top Exports to Australia:machinery, vehicles, optic and medical instruments, aircraft, and agricultural products Which of the following BEST describes the trade relationship between the United States and Australia? The two countries trade a variety of goods based on their needs and specialization in a market economy.
How have Australia and the United States worked together in recent years? The United States and Australia have a close relationship and have worked together on many global issues, including terrorism.
"The Australian economy could be heading for problems! After years of strong economic growth, the growth has slowed. The demand for Australia’s natural resources, energy, and food exports from Australia has gone down. The government must deal with this problem or else businesses will have to lower wages, or worse, reduce the number of workers." - from The Australia Times News Which of the following would MOST LIKELY help solve the problem described in the news article above? The government of Australia needs to help Australian businesses create new goods and services for Australians to export.
Be able to locate selected locations in Australia. Study your Australia Map Assignment.
Constructed Response: This item has three parts. Use the quote below and your own knowledge to answer each question in complete sentences. The Apology opened the opportunity for a new relationship based on mutual respect and mutual responsibility between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia. Because without mutual respect and mutual responsibility, the truth is we can achieve very little. - Kevin Rudd Part A: Who are the “Indigenous” and “non-Indigenous” people referred to in the quote? Part B: Why did the government of Australia make the Apology? Part C: Explain how the indigenous people were treated under British rule. Give at least two examples of their treatment. How has their treatment under British rule affected their current status? Your answer should be in the form of a well-constructed paragraph.
Created by: kiragodwin



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