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Ch. 7 Bateman

Management - Ch. 7 Managing Human Resources

Human Resource Management (HRM) Formal systems for the management of people within an organization.
Job Analysis A tool for determining what is done on a given job and what should be done on that job.
Recruitment The development of a pool of applicants for jobs in an organization.
Selection Choosing from among qualified applicants to hire into an organization.
Reliability The consistency of test scores over time and across alternative measurements.
Validity The degree to which a selection test predicts or correlates whit job performance.
Employment-at-Will The legal concepts that an employee may be terminated for an reason.
Termination Interview A discussion between a manager and an employer about the employee’s dismissal.
Adverse Impact When a seemingly neutral employment practice has a disproportionately negative effect on a protected group.
Training Teaching lower-level employees how to perform their present jobs.
Development Teaching managers and professional employees broad skills needed for their present and future jobs.
Performance Appraisal (PA) Assessment of an employee’s job performance.
Need assessment An analysis identifying the jobs, people and department in which training is needed
Diversity Training Programs that focuses on identfying and reducing hidden biases against people with differences and developing the skill needed to manage a diversified workforce.
Out-placement process of helping people who have been dismissed from the company to regain employment elsewhere
Comparable Worth Principle of equal pay for different jobs of equal worth
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