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Social Studies D.O.G.S for the 1st Half

In ancient Egypt what where kings called? Pharaohs
The main purpose of the Aswan High Dam was to? kept the Nile River from flooding
Overgrazing in Eastern Africa is a cause of __________? Desertification
What country is an example of homogenous culture? India
What does the Law of Return state? Any jew in the world can go back to Isreal and become a citizen
What is the dominant religion of southwest asia and north Africa? Islam
Why were the pyramids built? when pharaohs died the pyramids were their home in there after life?
The caste system is in what religion? Hinduism
The main purpose in building the suez canal? faster trading route
Name the deepest ocean? Pacific Ocean
How many states are in the United State? 50 states
Name the tallest mountain in the world ? Mt. Everest
THe vice president of the United States? Dick Cheney
Name the peninsulas? Yucatah, Forida Baja, California India
The governor of Georgia is ___________? Sonny Perdue
The tallest mountain in North America? The Rocky Mountains
What ocean is east of the United States? Atlantic Ocean
Capitol of cuba is______? Havana
How many time zones are there in world? 24 time zones
How long does it take the earth to rotate on its axis? 24 Hours
Zero degrees latitude is the what? Equator
Mt. Rushmore is in which state? South Dakota
Zero degrees longitudeis the__________? Prime Meridian
The Capitol of georgia is ________. Atlantic Ocean
The smallest continent in the world is? Australia
________ is the 50th state admitted to the U.S.? Hawaii
The largest lake in the world is the ____________. Caspian Sea
The Largest reef in the world is _____________. Great Barrier Reef
What two countries make up the Iberian peninsula? Spain & Portugal
A _____ is a narrow waterway connecting two larger bodies of water? Strait
The ______ mountains divides Europe form Asia? Ural
Name a major mountain range in South American? Andes
Who was the founder of Georgia? James Olgethorpe
What sea seperates Saudia Arabia from Africa? Red Sea
What is the highest mountain range in Europe? Alps
What two countries make up the island of Hispanola? Dominican Republic / Haiti (Creole)
The capital of India Is _________. New Delhi
THe address of the White House? 1600 Pennsylavania Ave.
How many Senators are in the U.S. Senate? 100 Senators
The two parts of the U.S. Congress are the ____________ and the ___________. Senate and the House of Represenatives
What is the oldest country in Africa? Ethiopia
Name the Two countries located in side South Africa? Lesotho and Swaziland
What are Hieroglypics? Hieroglypics are picture writing with symbols.(Egypitians used it )
What Mountain range is located in the north west section of Africa? The Atlas Mountains
What is Swahili? Swahili is a language mixed with Bantu and Aribic ( found in Kenya and Tanzania
In what Century did columbus discover America? 1500's
What is Aparthied? a government policy in South Africa were only white votes count
What is the largest island in the world? Greenland
Who was the first black president of South Africa? Nelson Mondela
What is the capital of Nigeria? Abuja
In what country would you find Timbuktu? Mali
Which of the five great akes lie completely within the U.S.? Lake Michigan
What continent has no desert? Europe
What is the Highest point in the Appalechi Mountains? Mt. Michell
NAme the cape at the Southern tip of Africa? Cape of Good Hope
What AfricanCountries Capital is named after a U.S. president? Liberia and Monrovia
Name three rivers in Africa? Nile, Congo and the Niger
What Ocean lies west of Africa? Atlantic Ocean
What is Calligraphy ? Art of Beautiful Writing
__________ is the belief of one god? Monothriesim
What is the major economic activity in most of Africa? Farming
What kind of Government does North Korea have? Communist
What muslim country was created when India became independent form Great Britian? Pakistan
What body of water lies between New Zealand and Australia? Tazman Sea
Who was the second president of the Untied States? John Adams
Name two Canals? Panama Canal and Suez Canal
Name two Deserts in Africa? Sandra Desert and Kalahari Desert
How many years are in a deacde? 10
How many years are in a century? 100
How amny years are in a millennium? 1000
Mt. Fuji is in what Country? Japan
What is another name for rainfall? Precipitation
Name three countries that had colonies in Africa? Spain , Belgium and Portugal
What is the oldest city in the United States? St. Augustine
What is the most densly populated city in the United States? New York
In what country would you find Mt. Everest? Nepal
What is the capital of Kenya? Nairobi
What is the only city located on two continents? Instanbul
What is a Peninsula? Land surrounded by water on 3 sides
Name three peninsulas? Spain portugal and Baja
The United States Govenment has three seperate branches. what are they? Executive, Judical and Legislative
The _______ Mountains in Russia seperates the continents of Asia and Europe? Ural
In which driection does the nile river flow? North
The city with the largest populated is __________. Tokyo
Who was the primary author of the U.S. Constitution? James Madison
What is the lowest place on earth? The Dead Sea
What is the highest Point in Africa? Mt. Kilimanjaro
Name 3 countries the Great Rift Valley Passes Through? Ethiopia,Tanzania, and Sudan
Name the two parts of Africa? Sub Saharan and North Africa
Most of the People in Africa work in _________? Agriculture
What is the only city located on two continents? Instanbul
Give an example of an enclave? Lesotho and Swaziland
Name a mountain range in South Africa? Drakensburg
Name two deserts in South Africa ? Kalahari and Namib
People in North Africa generally speak _______. Arabic
The Boers were Dutch German and French setters that where? South Africa
NAme three Characteristics of Hinduism? Cows are sacred, polythesistics, Kharma, Reincarnation
Which middle Eastern Country is geographically located partly in europe and partly in Asia? Turkey
Which two Religious groups Frequently clash in India? Muslim and Hinduism
The smallest country in the world? Vatican City
WHat huge fault runs through east Africa? Great Rift VAlley
A major religion of North Africa? Islim
Another word for "Latitude" lines? Parellel
Where does North and South korea divides? 38th Parellel
What is the muslim holy month called? Ramadan
Which country has the worlds largest democracy? India
What is the name of the Islam's holiest city? Macca, Saudia Araba
What is the name of the Islamic God Allan
Where do Muslims Worship? Mosque
What was the purpose of the Great Wall of China Keep the Mongols out
Why did North Korea invade South Korea in 1950? To make all of Korea communists
What Asian county has the largest population China
What is a Muslim holy war called Jihad
The Taj Majal was constructed in 1650, What century was this 17th
In 1989 students demonstrated in tianeman square, Why? They wanted democracy
What is a dynasty? Family of rulers
What serves as a national barrier between China & India? Himalayas
What is Indias offical language? Hindi
What 3 continents were involved in the slave trade? Europe, North America and Africa
Where did most early africans settle? (blank)
The Ashanti People are mostly located in what country? Ghana
In subsaharan Africa, which musical instrument was the most common? Drums
During what years did most of the African colonies become independent? 1500 - 1960's
In a market economy what determines the price of a good or service? (blank)
Give 3 examples of providing services..... (blank)
What is the birthplace of Islam? Mecca
Where did Judaism originate? Israel
What is the holy month for Muslims? Ramadah
What does A.I.D.S. stand for? Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Where is the United Nations New York City
Name the 3 continets in the trianle slave trade Europe, North America and Africa
A long period with little or no rain is called a _________. drought
Name a large dessert in souther saudi Arabia: Empty Quarter
In what country is Mt. Killmanjaro: Tanzania
In what county is the Plateau of Tibet? China
The capitol of India is __________. New Geli
Why did the Europeans want to colonize Africa? They wanted the raw materials
Stonehenge was built in ___________. 2000 B.C.
The "South Middle" building was constructed in 1998
How many years pasted between the construiction of the Stonehenge in 2000 B.C. and the "South Middle" in 1998? 3998 years
The tower of London was built in 1078 A.D. What century was this? 11th
The partheaon was built in 440 B.C, how old is it today? 2445 YEARS OLD
What is the leader called in a totalitatian goverment? Dictator
Who was Gengis Khan? Mongol Empire Ruler (largest empire)
India & Pakistan have had a bitter rivalry over what territory? Samarai
What are Japanese warriors called? Kashmir
Where and What is the Khyber pass? Hindu Kosh - Mt. Pass
What country in the world has the largest oil deposits? Saudi Arabia
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