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CT registry review

Questions for CT registry review

pitch table movement/slice thickness
What is the appropriate IV contrast dosage in cc/kg? 1-2 cc/kg
What is quantom noise related to? number of detected photons
What is the normal creatine range? 0.6-1.2 mg/dl
What type of CM is utilized for a biopsy of the pancreas? Oral water soluble iodinated (no barium for any biopsies)
What type of artifact is caused by Metal Streak
The Seminal vessicles are located? poaterior to the bladder, anterior to the rectum, superior to the prostate gland.
What causes a streak artifact generally found between the fundus and body of stomach? Air-Contrast interface or edge gradient
What artifact is commonly found between the petrous ridge and brain tissue and is cuased by x-ray penetrating bone and traveling over soft tissue? Beam Hardening or cupping
What is partial volume averaging? Two oe more tissue types types contained in one pixel can give ROI reading of (average) pixel values (wrong ct Nnumber)
Why is intravenous contrast used for spine CT? differentiate between scar tissue and herniated pulpous material.
How does the couch and tube move during a spiral/helical examination? continously, at the same time
What is the disadvantage of spiral scanning? blooming of the effective slice thickness (ie thicker slices than the operator selected 10mm actually 12.5mm) Increased Partial volume averaging, Icreased Image noise do interpolation algorithems involved in the reconstruction process.
What is an array processor responsible for? arrithmetic computing for imaging reconstruction
Why is important to scan the supraclavicular region through the adrenal glands for CT of the chest? Lung mets spread to adrenals and vice-versa
Ionic Contrast Diatrizoate----Metrizoate--- Ioxaglate
Non Ionic Conatrast Iopamidol------------Iohexol
Created by: quahogs21
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