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IR & ER how many degrees? 50
someone has patella straight ahead, toe inward....presents as? Tibial torsion
most common cause of children intoeing 3-12 yrs old? anteversion
genu varum is normal for child what age? less than 3
as a baby varus is? ~ 12
valgus in an adult that is normal, common by age 4-5? ~ 5-7
medical term for bowleg? Blounts
excessive genu varum, greater than 11 degrees? Blounts
Pes planus is common in children before age? 3
what are pes planus the long term effects on ? hip, knee, spine
congenital condition of hip joint, uses Pavlik harness to correct? Developemental Dysplasia of the hip
patient presents: leg may appear shorter on one side, may turn outward, uneven folds in skin of thigh or buttocks, space between legs may look wider.....could be? Developemental Dysplasia of the hip
Idiopathic toe walking could be caused by? habitual, hypersensitive, lack of dorsiflexion (need 0-10 in terminal stance), sometimes associated w/ADD
if a child has left sided & right rotation, sign of? left sided torticollis
child presents as right side bending, left rotation? right sided torticollis
causes of torticollis? plagiocephaly (tight SCM), SCM ischemia (most common cause)
PT for torticollis stretching, righting reaction, visual tracking
Avascular necrosis of femoral head Legg Calve Perthes Disease
medial femoral circumflex artery may be blocked causing avascular necrosis... Legg Calve Perthes Disease
What age is Legg Calve most common? 5-7, 20% bilateral, 4:1 male vs female
how long does it take for Legg Calves to heal? 18 months
what motions are limited w/legg calves? abduction, extension, IR
what muscle is severely weak w/legg calves?? glut medius
child complains of knee pain.....could be? Legg Calves Perthes
PT tx for Legg Calve adductor stretching, hip flexor stretching, hip girdle (glut medius) strengthening (important to preserve motion & decrease limp
child 6-8 presents w/clicking or clonking in his knee as he walks...could be? discoid lateral meniscus
at birth the meniscus is round & then evolves into "c" shape, if it doesn't, develops into................... Discoid lateral meniscus
anywhere a tendon connects to a bone is? apophysitis
inflammation & pain in patella tendon, tendon ripped from bone.. Osgood Schlattert
how to treat Osgood Schlatter ice, stretching, NSAIDS, rest
tibial tubercle apophysitis osgood-schlatter disease
what age is Osgood-Schlatter seen? 10-15 y/o
cause of Osgood-Schlatter? jumping, running, microfractures in the apophysis
what muscles to stretch for Osgood-Schlatter? rectus femoris, gastroc
Calcaneal apophysitis associated with rapid growth spurt, as bones get longer, muscles & tendonds become hypoextensible...almost always 2 jt mm's sever's disease
what age does sever's disease occur? 8-15 y/o
slipped epiphysis? slipped capital femoral epiphysis
history of intermittent limp & pain of several weeks or months, poorly localized to thigh, groin, or knee slipped capital femoral epiphysis
what age is slipped capital femoral epiphysis seen? 12 girls, 13-15 boys
child presents w/progressive external rotation & shortening of lower extremity, antalgic gait slipped capital femoral epiphysis
treatment for slippled capital femoral epiphysis pinning (ER!), crutch training (WBAT)
avascular necrosis of bone, usually wt bearing area, microtrauma osteochondritis dissecans
treatment for osteochondritis dissecans drilling or repair for older children, loose bodies can be removed or screwed back together w/countersunk screws, partially detached can be pinned
what can osteochondritis dissecans lead to? osteoarthritis
failur of segmentation of the hindfoot bones, most often the calcaneonavicular & talocalanial tarsal coalition
what age do symptoms of tarsal coalition appear & why? 8-12 when cartilaginous bar begins to ossify....prior to that it is still soft and pliable
midfoot pain could be? planovalgus, flat or eversion or outward
to correct tarsal coalition? surgical excision
stress fracture in spinal cord w/o seperation spondylolysis
stress fracture w/seperation spondylolisthesis (scottie dog)
common age of spondylolysis? 7-8 y/o, rarely prior to 5
where is pain appear from spondylolysis & spondylolisthesis? localized, non-radiating
elbow valgus stress in the overhead throw is? proximal humeral physeal stress fracture (radial epiphyseal injury) little leaguer elbow
Avulsion of medial epicondyle of humerous little leaguer elbow
OCD of capitellum, death of avascular necrosis of bone & cartilage little leaguer elbow
pain, swelling & tenderness on the hip iliac avulsion fracture
tx for iliac avulsion fracture? rest, ice, wrap, analygesics, gentle AROM, PROM, resistive stg after 75% ROM
avulsion fracture of ischial tuberosity tuberosity not connected to pelvis
ways to increase muscle strength in preadolescents neuro adaptation & hypertrophy
preadolescents can improve stg as much as _____ over a course of 8-20 wks of training 30-40%
effects of training in adolescents gains are impermanent, they do have increased bone density, they do not have an adult cooling system
at the age of 2 yrs it is considered normal for a child to have a) genu varum, b) genu valgum c) blounts, d) pes cavus genu varum
a child w/torticollis has limited right side bending & limited left cervical rotation. this describes left or right torticollis? left
what is the typical PT acute/sub acute tx for a pt who has Osgood Slatter's? rest, ice
legg calve perthes usually occurs in a) 8-12 yo females, b) 15-17 females, c) 12-15 males, 5-7 males? 5-7 males
you suspect a child may have DDH. The leg (femur) would most likely appear _______ (longer, shorter, thicker, rounder) on the side of the dislocated hip? shorter
typically, how long will a child diagnosed with legg perthes exhibit pain? 18 mo
where does sever's syndrome occur? calcaneous
avascular necrosis of bone usually in a wt bearing surface is best called what? Osteochondritis Dissecans
there are typically 4 unique injuries that can be called "little leaguer elbow". Name one Medial epicondolytis, valgus stress in the overhead throw, OCD of capitellum, avulsion of medial epicondyle of humerous, radial ephiphyseal injury
Excessive genu varum is also called what medical term Blounts
name three areas of the lower extremity that contribute to in-toeing or out-toeing? hip, foot, tibia
be able to identify slipped capital femoral epiphysis
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