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Italian Intransitive

Italian Intransitive Verbs

Accadere to happen
Accorgere to be aware
Andare to go
Apparire to appear
Appartenere to belong
Arrivare to arrive
Avanzare to push forward
Badare to look after
Bastare to be sufficient
Cadere to fall
Camminare to walk
Capitare to happen
Credere to believe
Dipendere to depend
Durare to last
Entrare to come in
Esistere to exist
Fuggire to run away
Giungere to get to
Innamorare to fall in love
Nascere to be born
Partecipare to take part
Partire to leave
Piacere to like
Potere to be able
Preoccupare to worry
Procedure to proceed
Provvedere to provide
Rabbrividire to shiver
Raggiungere to reach
Resistere to resist
Restare to remain
Rientrare to re-enter
Rimanere to stay
Ritornare to return
Riuscire to succeed
Scappare to run away
Scherzare to joke
Scomparire to disappear
Scoppiare to burst, to break out
Sedere to sit down
Sembrare to seem
Sorgere to rise
Sparire to vanish
Succedere to happen
Tornare to return
Uscire to go out
Venire to come
Created by: Nolin