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Define "filtration" The process of removing "undesirable" low energy xray photons via insertion of absorbing materials in the primary beam.
What is another name for filtration? Hardening
What is the only purpose of filtration? To lower the patient's radiation dose
What are the 2 ways filtration is measured? 1. Al/Eq (Aluminum Equivalent) 2. HVL (Half Value Layer)
What is the HVL? The amount of absorbing material that will reduce intensity by 1/2
____ mm Al/Eq is for equipment over 70 kVp 2.5
____mm Al/Eq is for equipment between 50-70 kVp 1.5
____mm Al/Eq is for equipment below 50 kVp 0.5
HVL affects Quality or Quantity? Quality
What 2 areas of radiography use equipment below 50 kVp? 1. Mammography 2. Dental radiography
What are the 4 types of filtration? 1. Inherent 2. Added 3. Total 4. Compensation
What is inherent filtration Filtration that is built into the x ray tube
What 3 items are part of inherent filtration? 1. Glass envelope 2. Di-electric oil 3. Glass window
___mm Al/Eq makes up inherent filtration 0.5-1.0
What material does mammography use for their tube window? As opposed to...? Why? Beryllium, instead of Pyrex. So they don't filter out absorbing rays they need for extra detail.
What is added filtration? Any filtration outside of the tube & housing & before the IR
___mm Al/Eq makes up the collimator 1.0
What type of filtration is the mirror? Added
What is total filtration? Inherent + Added
What is a compensation filter? A device providing a more uniform density
What 4 substance can a compensation filter be made of? 1. Aluminum 2. ClearPb(Lead) 3. Plastic 4. Saline bag
What are 3 examples of when a compensation filter would be used? 1. Foot x-ray 2. T-Spine x-ray 3. Chest x-ray
What is a Wedge filter? A wedge shaped device that gives a uniform density when the part is larger on one side than another
When using a Wedge filter, the ___ end goes over the thinner area of the body part Thicker
When using a Wedge filter, the ___ end goes over the thicker area of the body part. Thinner
What is a Trough? A device that gives a uniform density when the body part is thicker on the edges and thinner in the middle
What is another name for a Trough? Double Wedge
What is an example of when a Trough would be used? Chest x-ray
What must happen to technique when adding a filter? Technique must go up
What happens to density when a filter is introduced? Contrast? Density decreases Contrast decreases
Created by: mornstein