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Habit 4 Study Guide

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Thinking Win-Win Basic principle of success, you can't win at life unless others win too
Win-Lose High on Courage/Low on Consideration Ex: You can't win unless other people lose.
Lose-Win Low on Courage/High on Consideration Ex: Being insecure and not being brave enough to stick up for one's self.
Lose-Lose Low on Courage/Low on Consideration Ex: If you can't win, nobody wins. Revenge, envy, criticism falls in this category.
Win-Win Balancing Courage and Consideration. Ex: Winning or succeeding together as a team.
Emotional Bank Account (EBA) Treating a relationship or friendship as a bank account. Making deposits/withdrawals that can either improve (deposit) or hurt (withdrawal) the relationship.
Types of EBA Deposits: Definition of a Deposit for the Other Person Finding out what the other person would view or like to show them you're emotionally invested
Types of EBA Deposits: Small Acts of Kindness Treating people with kindness and respect.
Types of EBA Deposits: Keep Promises Make good on your word or commitments.
Types of EBA Deposits: Keep Confidences Don't spread confidential information or secrets, always keep what your friend tells you between the two of you.
Types of EBA Deposits: Be Loyal to the Absent Don't gossip or badmouth your friend. Stick up for people you care about.
Types of EBA Deposits: Set Clear Expectations Set clear objectives/expectations and then follow through on the expectations.
Types of EBA Deposits: Apologize If you're wrong, own up to it and move on. Don't make excuses.
Types of EBA Deposits: Forgive Learn to forgive. Don't let yesterday hold your tomorrow hostage. Don't "get even".
Created by: Kris10card