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word list: 24,25


ichthylogy study of fish
iconoclastic attacking cherished traditions
idiosyncracy individual trait
idolatry worship of idols
idyllic charmingly carefree
ignoble unworthy,unable
ignominy deep disgrace,shame,dishonour
imbecility weakness of mind
imbroglio complicated situation
imbue saturate ,fill
immaculate spotless,flawless,clean absolutely
immolate offer as sacrifice
imminent near at hand
immure imprison
impasse predicament from which there is no escape
impassive without feeling
impeccable faultless
impecunious without money
impel drive or force foreward
impenitent not able to be entered or pierced
imperative absolutely necessary
imperious domineering,haughty,unpleasantly proud
impertinent insolent,rude
imperturbable calm,placid
impetuous violent,hasty,rash
impetus moving force
implausible unlikely,unbelivable
implicit understood but not stated
imprecation curse
impregnable invulnerable
impromptu without previous preparation
impropriety improperness
improvident thriftness,avoiding waste
impiety irreverance,lack of respect for god
impious irreverent,lacking due respect or dutifulness
implacable incapable of being pacified
implode burst inward
implore beg
impolitic not wise
imponderable weightless
importunate urging,demanding,beg presistently
improvise compose,to invent
imprudent lacking caution
impundence rude,not respectful
impugn dispute,contradict
impunity freedom from punishment or harm
impussance powerlessness,feebleness
impute attribute,ascribe,to blame unjustly
inadvertently unintentionally
inane silly,senseless
inarticulate speechless
incantation chanting spells
incapacitate disable
incarcerate imprison
incarnate personified
incendiary arsonist
incense enrage,infuriate
incentive motive,spur
inception start
incessant uninterrupted,unceasing
inchoate recently begun,rudimentary
incipient beginning
incite arouse to action,goad,spur,stimulant
inclement stormy,unkind
incognito with identity concealed
incoherent illogical,muddled
incommodious not spacious
incompatible inharmonious,absurdity
incognity inharmonious,absurdity
inconsequential unimportant
incontinent lacking self-restraint
incontrovertible indisputable
incorporeal lacking a material body,insubstantial
incriminate accuse
incubus burden,mental care,night mare
incumbent obligatory,currently holding office
incursion temporary invasion
indefatigable tireless
indelible cannot be erased
indemnify compensate for loss
indenture bind as servant to master
indices signs
indict charge
indigence,indigent poverty
indignation anger at an injustice
indissoluble permanent
indite write,compose
indolent lazy
indomitable unconquerable
indubitable can't be doubted
inductive specific to general
indulgent humoring.linient
inebriate habitually drunk
ineffable unutterable
ineluctable irresitible,not to be escaped
inept lacking skill
inequity unfairness
inerrancy infallibility,incapable of error,unerring
inexorable relentless
infernal pertaining to hell,devilish
infidel unbeliever
infirmity weakness
Created by: physio_sambit