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Energy Res K & P

Energy Resources Kenetic and Potential Test Review

Expensive to construct and needs expensive machinery to produce are two disadvantages for hydroelectricity
Inexpensive to mine and transport are advantages of burning ___________ to produce electricity. coal
This fossil fuel produces fewer greenhouse gases than coal and oil. natural gas
This energy source has a by-product of radiation. nuclear power
Energy efficient light bulbs help homes to ___________ energy. conserve
Geothermal and solar energy do not produce ________________. greenhouse gasses
What energy resource uses agricultural and forest industry by-products? biomass
Making school supplies such as paper requires energy and uses up ______________. natural resources
Two __________________ for wind energy is that it is less expensive than solar energy and it is limitless. advantages
Biomass is a __________ resource that uses waste products from municipal and agricultural resources. renewable
In order to ________ the use of energy resources, people can carpool, bicycle or walk whenever possible. reduce
A boulder resting on top of a cliff is an example of ___________ energy. potential
Potential energy plus kinetic energy equals _________ energy. total
As a boulder rolls down a hill, its potential energy decreases while it __________ energy increases. kinetic
A bird flying is an example of _________ energy. kinetic
A sling shot being released changes _______ energy to kinetic energy. potential
Potential and kinetic energy can be ___________ from one form to another. converted
Energy is neither _____________ or destroyed. created
Energy is measured in ____________. joules
A pendulum has the most ____________ energy when it is at its farthest distance to the right and/or the left. potential
Created by: cmpace