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WG Ch. 10 Demography

Demography Questions

Where do anthropologists believe humans first appeared? -
As humans developed agriculture, they gave up what type of life? -
Where was agriculture first developed? -
What were the 4 river valleys that developed agriculture successfully? -
Surplus agriculture allowed for what type of new specialized groups? -
What greatly increased the rate of urbanization? -
Why did people leave the rural countryside? -
Where are goods exchanged or transfered? -
Where do most people tend to cluster? -
8 of the 10 most populous cities are located near what type of landform? -
What type of climate do most people live in? -
What allows people to settle in new areas despite physical barriers? -
What 2 events led to settlement in the Far West of the United States? - -
On a population density map of the Middle East, what do the dots indicate? -
In the population map of Africa, where is the population very sparse?
As newcomers from the countryside move to cities, where do wealthier residents move to? -
In less developed regions, where do newcomers from the countryside settle in? -
What materials are slum settlements made of? -
Which country has a larger young population, Japan or Iran? -
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